Document organisation made easy with DocMan

About DocMan

DocMan provides a solution for managing documents in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. Working seamlessly with SharePoint
Online, DocMan utilises out of the box features to provide the best possible user experience.

Users can easily upload content such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, images and videos to DocMan and use inbuilt features to tag
content making it easier to search, filter and retrieve content.

DocMan uses Office 365’s powerful search capabilities to provide a full-text search, searching by category, by type this provides a rapid
and efficient way of finding content based on search parameters provided by a user.


Works seamlessly

with and within SharePoint Online

Document creation

based on your Word templates

Document tagging

for easy document search and retrieval

Version control

including check-in/out and revision history

Search for documents

by type, category, full text search, etc.

Rapid and efficient document approval


each instance of DocMan uses SharePoint’s comprehensive permission-based security


showing which documents require updating (if review date has been set), by whom and by when

Quick and easy to setup and manage

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