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Healthcare IT Solutions

IT Managed Services and Software for Healthcare Manufacturers, Acute Hospitals, Mental Health Trusts and Integrated Care Systems (ICS)

Supporting health and social care through technology

Managed IT Services that cater to the growing variety of healthcare organisations, supporting digital transformation, enhancing patient experience, maintaining data compliance in today’s digital age.

IT Services for healthcare

Cloud Migration

Migrating to a new IT infrastructure can be complicated – our proven cloud migration expertise ensures a successful move, no matter how complicated you healthcare IT support services are.

Modern Workplace

Improve the collaboration, communication and productivity with smart workplace technology for your healthcare organization.

Cyber security

Protect your data from cyber attacks with our range of cyber security solutions. From fully-managed cyber and network security monitoring, to end security audits and assessments, and end-user education and training.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

See what is different, what the norm is, and critically see where variations occur in your healthcare organisations data. BCN’s will provide custom analytical visuals and tools to help you understand the efficiency of your processes and facilitate advanced data interpretation and analytics.

Managed Cloud

Host your data on a secure, protected cloud platform. Access easily and securely from any location, at any time.

IT challenges for the Healthcare Industry

Whether it’s keeping your patient’s data safe, improving the communicative abilities of your organization, or to digitally transform your company to meet today’s increasingly demanding technological changes, BCN’s industry accredited experts have healthcare it consulting solutions to meet any and all of the challenges your organization faces.



The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the need for all organisations to have a robust and effective communication system. Within healthcare, these systems are integral to account for the surge in demand and pressure for hospitals as well as to manage effective digital patient flows, and existing digital supply networks. To better understand your patients and to improve the outcomes of your services, harnessing and accessing your organisation’s data is key.


IT Security

Cyber-attacks are on the rise and are progressively more sophisticated, meaning that your patients personal information and data is increasingly in need for cyber security and protection. Cyber-attacks against hospitals and healthcare organisations, like Ransomware attacks, have real-life consequences. Whether that’s patient complications following medical procedures or delays in procedures and tests, the threat to the healthcare industry is real and isn’t going anywhere soon.


Outdated Technology

We know how expensive it is to run a healthcare organization, however your IT infrastructure should not be forgotten about. Slow and clunky technology could be inhibiting the effectiveness and potential productivity of industry workers, and inefficient data analytics could inhibit your organisation’s process efficiency. Ensure your organization is working at its optimal by using modern IT infrastructure and software.

Why Choose BCN for Healthcare IT support?

BCN are here to identify where digital processes can be made more effective, to transform the potential technological capabilities of your organization, and to act as a long-term service provider to resolve issues and provide effect, long-term healthcare IT solutions, tailored to your particular business’s needs. There is no better time to modernise the digital capabilities of your organization’s healthcare IT services to its upmost potential. BCN’s healthcare IT consulting services will effectively get you where you need to be.


With over 200 industry-accredited experts in digital transformation and technological innovation, BCN Group is a highly experience management service provider for your organisation’s digital challenges.

Our Range of Services

At BCN, we aim to be an extension of your healthcare team, offering support across a range of IT and Software services, Having already worked with a number of different organisation’s within the industry, our strong track record pays testament to the reliance and trust our clients have placed with our healthcare IT consulting service.

Consultative approach

BCN prides itself as being a trusted adviser, with a focus particularly on what the best interests are for you, our business partner. Our technical knowledge and advice is accessible and understandable; we will proactively share advice and industry insight where and when your organization needs it. We are transparent, accountable and dependable; our client retention rate of 98% demonstrates the value our clients place on the strengths of our service and the reliability of our fast and effective response times.

BCN Client Testimonials

“A scary 141 hours of staff time or 19 staff days each day would be theoretically required just to produce the scale of the solution we now have at the moment”

Tom Nicholas, Associate Director for BI and Analytics, East London NHS Foundation Trust

Our Healthcare IT clients

How BCN and Cloud2 saved ELFT 19 staff days every day

East London Foundation Trust

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