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IT Services for Housing Associations

Specialist managed IT Services for Housing Associations and Local Authorities with housing stock. Supporting digital transformation to enable integrated IT environments, enhancing and updating legacy systems.

IT Support for Housing Associations

Deploying smart technology solutions enabling effective housing services. 

With recent estimates stating that over a million households in England are on waiting lists for new accommodation, there is increased pressure for housing associations to deliver efficient services and high levels of quality tenant experiences, whilst saving costs to invest in the creation of new properties.

The social housing sector, like all industries, is changing rapidly to implement and embrace greater digitalisation. Technology has the power to enhance communication, increase operational efficiencies, boost cyber security, and create an environment that makes work easier and more enjoyable.

BCN Group understands the unique challenges that housing associations face and can provide tailored IT solutions to address your needs. Whether that’s providing solutions for management concerns over reporting, updating your IT infrastructure, or freeing up time and resources for your employees to focus on strategic objectives, it is key you partner with an experienced managed service provider. Like BCN Group.

IT challenges facing Housing Associations 

Whether you face difficulties in creating a holistic IT environment, want your employees to take a more proactive stance on tenant services, or are struggling to digitally transform your business, you will need an experienced IT partner to assist you. This is where we come in.


With over 10 years’ experience providing effective IT solutions for housing associations, BCN Group has the knowledge and expertise to solve your infrastructure challenges.

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Creating a holistic IT environment

It can be challenging for users to operate on a disparate and disjointed IT infrastructure. Backlogs tend to build, affecting your tenants service delivery. BCN Group will ensure your tenant and property management services work in a harmonious way. Our managed IT services will make sure your relevant IT applications and software work holistically, making management much easier.


Less reactive, more proactive

All industries can benefit from becoming more agile and proactive to challenges and disruptions, the social housing sector is no different. By choosing BCN’s automation tools you can create a more proactive environment for your staff to work in, leaving reactive-based measures behind. Improve your business’s experience internally and externally with BCN’s automation services.


Protecting your data

Industry regulations like the GDPR, and the rise in cyber-crime mean it’s more important than ever to secure and remain compliant in how you handle your tenants data. Ensure you are taking the necessary steps in providing first-class protection of tenant, staff, and partner data with BCN’s extensive cyber security services.


Ensuring data accuracy

Ensuring your data is accurate is just as important as ensuring it is protected. It is challenging to manage business data, tenant information, and resources, whilst ensuring it is also accurate. Our team of specialist data analysts will simplify this process, ensuring that you are harnessing reliable data from which you utilise to base informed decision making.


Digital transformation

It can be challenging keeping up with what new tech is out there and the potential of it for your business. Ensure your business is up to date and at the forefront of its digital capabilities with BCN Group’s managed IT services for housing associations.

BCN’s IT Services for Housing Associations

Power Automate

Improve your service user satisfaction by automating and streamlining your business’s processes.


Tenant requests, repairs, and manual administration slows down processes and causes unneeded backlogs.


Free up your employee’s time to focus on more critical jobs by automating the administration of your business’s processes.


Power Automate is a cloud-based solution from Microsoft, enabling users to create automated workflows between multiple applications and digital services. Our specialists will ensure your adoption of automation tools is smooth and makes a positive impact on your business’s processes.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places responsibility on all organisations to secure their customer’s data in a safe and consented way.


We believe the GDPR provides a fantastic opportunity for the social housing sector to secure their tenant data and records, as well as open the door for data analysis opportunities.


As one of only a handful of SPC software providers, BCN Group can give you specialist tools to tighten your processes, enabling more valuable, tenant-centric services.

Cloud Migration

More and more housing associations are making the move to the cloud, and for good reason.


Cloud migration can provide housing associations with large-scale cost savings on hardware, while also streamlining services and offering a more secure way of protecting your data.


What’s more, as industries begin to adopt hybrid working structures, the move to the cloud offers the ability for housing associations to offer increased flexibility for their staff.

Cyber Security

Like all sectors, councils and social housing institutions have not been exempt from the rise in cyber attacks over the past few years.


Protect your data from cyber-attacks with BCN’s suite of cyber security solutions.


From fully-managed cyber and network security monitoring to disaster recovery, we will ensure your IT infrastructure is secure. That also means getting you back to normal, even in the worst-case scenario.

Managed Services

There is a lot of technology services and solutions out there, so knowing where to start is often challenging.


Leave the tech side to us, with our managed IT support for housing associations.


We will manage all aspects of your IT, leaving you to focus on your goals.

Get in contact with one of our team members to find out how BCN Group can support your organisations digital journey.