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IT Solutions for the Retail Industry

Managed IT services and software for the variety of retail businesses, supporting ERP systems, cloud migration, cyber-security, and business intelligence solutions.

Supporting retail through technology

We know the importance of technology for businesses to provide customer-centric experiences and to compete in the fast-paced, highly competitive retail market.

Retail IT Support services will help retailers get a better understanding of their customers and their business through harnessing and effectively utilizing data. We know that as businesses grow, it can be challenging to continue providing personalized experiences for customers. However, by effectively harnessing data, retail businesses will gain core insights into their customers, products, and purchasing behaviors.

IT Services for Retail

ERP for Retail 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems manage day-to-day business activities, including accounting, project management, compliance, and supply chain operations.


With BCN’s tailorable ERP system for retail, you will effectively be able to manage the core aspects of your business


Oversee suppliers, manage inventories, control warehousing, connect sales and get a better understanding of your customers with BCN’s Sage for retail professional services.

Cloud Migration 

Reduce IT infrastructure costs by spending less on software, hardware, and licensing fees.


BCN’s wealth of experience in successfully delivering business-critical cloud migrations offers you both reassurance and confidence in choosing us for your project.


BCN’s consultants will provide a personal consultation service to ensure your move is tailored to your business and is successfully completed.

Cyber Security 

The retail industry has long been a target for cybercriminals due to gaps in the security of POS systems.


From our Cyber Essentials scheme to our more robust Disaster Recovery and Endpoint Security services, BCN’s suite of cyber security solutions will ensure your business is protected and has the tools to bounce back.

Business Intelligence 

Get more out of your data with BCN’s business intelligence solutions.


We know the importance you place on understanding your customers. With BCN’s Power BI solutions you can better aggregate and analyze your data, improving your margins and helping create a frictionless customer experience.

Managed Services 

It can be challenging knowing where to start your digital journey. Leave the tech side of your business with BCN’s managed services.


Our experience and expertise in providing fully-managed services will give your business better protection, improved communication, and enhanced productivity, whilst being on hand for support whenever you need.

IT Challenges for the Retail Industry


Omnichannel Presence 

Brick and mortar businesses are struggling and the need for an omnichannel presence is key to remain competitive as digital-led customer experiences grow. With BCN’s ERP system for retail, you can effectively manage your eCommerce presence as well as gain a more holistic understanding of your business, helping you provide personalised experiences for your customers.


Supply-Chain Management 

Customers now expect the online order and delivery process to be fast and frictionless. Having an effective supply chain management tool is key in planning ahead for disruptions, minimising returns, and unsold stock, as well as cutting down inventory costs. BCN’s Power BI solutions will present you with easy-to-read real-time data, helping you interpret future trends as well as analyse market information enabling you to identify risks and opportunities.


Automation Improvements

Roughly half of all processes in retail can be automated, significantly reducing margin pressures. As competition steadily rises, traditional cost-reduction solutions are ineffective, making internal automation solutions a requirement. With BCN’s Power Automate solutions you can free up time for your staff by automating tasks, enhance overall business productivity by converting data into digital reports, and generate chatbots to communicate with your customers.

Find out how BCN Group can support your retail organisation.

Why choose BCN for Retail IT Support?  

BCN are here to identify where your business’s processes can be automated, transform the technical capabilities of your organization, and act as a long-term service provider to provide effective, long-term IT support for retail, tailored to your needs.


With over 200 industry-accredited experts in digital transformation and technological innovation, BCN Group is a highly experienced managed service provider for your organisations digital challenges. Having already worked with several different organisations within your industry, our strong track record pays testament to the reliance and trust our clients have placed with our retail IT support.

Range of Services

At BCN, we aim to be an extension of your business, offering solutions across the range of IT services for retail. Our industry-leading technology will ensure that any of your needs are met, whether that’s collecting large volumes of data, digitally transforming your business, or introducing a new ERP system, BCN will ensure your business takes a digital-first approach moving forward.

Consultative Approach

BCN prides itself as being a trusted adviser, with a focus particularly on what the best interests are for you, our business partner. Our extensive knowledge and advice is accessible and understandable; we will proactively share advice and industry insight where and when your organization needs it. We are transparent, accountable, and dependable; our client retention rate of 98% demonstrates the value our clients place on the strengths of our service and the reliability of our fast and effective response times.


Our Retail IT Clients

IT Infrastructure upgrade to support growth for leading book wholesaler

Gardners Books

We tailored our IT support services to meet the needs of Country Baskets and fully manage their IT infrastructure

Country Baskets

With over 10 years’ experience, BCN’s retail IT consultants have the knowledge and experience to create custom solutions for the variety of retail businesses.