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Data storage is necessary. But how do you determine what the right solution or option is for you? What’s the best product to use? Where should it be located? Should you adopt a single or hybrid solution to get the best results?

BCN will help you demystify the complexity of your storage strategy. You’ll experience a listening partner with an open-minded approach to finding the right data storage answers for your business and users.

We’ll help you rationalise your real storage needs in terms of both current and future capacity as well as physical location. You’ll be able to identify your ‘best fit’ options, and together, we’ll help you create a workable delivery plan to get you to where you want to be without breaking the bank.

What can we offer?

Aside from the obvious space and archiving benefits, the right data storage strategy and plan will help you, your people and your business achieve the following:

Performance and speed

Make your business applications more efficient with fewer delays and lower latency. The latest storage solutions can deliver up to 75% greater performance over traditional storage platforms. Today, many more users can access much more data on far fewer arrays.


New technology and better componentry are giving organisations better business assurance. The current storage platforms available today offer far greater uptime and availability without compromising on functionality or performance.


Greatly increase the integrity of your business intelligence and data. A well-designed storage strategy will enable faster recovery (both RPO and RTO) and help mitigate against user errors, malicious intent, theft, natural disasters and system failures.

Easier management

Improved (and less complex) platforms are making it easier and faster for in-house personnel to maintain and manage their storage .With greater support, better space optimisation and more environmentally sound, you no longer need to be a storage specialist.

Centralised & simplified storage

Eliminating storage silos in favour of a centralised model means management becomes easier and faster, while storage efficiency and availability goes up. Adding new resources without powering down servers or services means in-hours scaling with no impact to the business or the users.

Better storage utilisation

Allocate storage where users need it most, and eliminate unnecessary storage on underutilised servers. Storage can be shared across multiple servers and clients, no matter what file system or operating system they run.

Improved compliance / encryption

Whether regulatory or otherwise, corporate security, policy and compliance are positively impacted when your storage platform is designed for long-term integrity, availability and security.

Greater data availability

We all know downtime costs money. So the faster you can get back to business as usual, the less money you risk. A storage system that can manage and separate critical data from less important forms will enable you to restore your services in minutes, not hours.

“BCN have never under-delivered; they over-deliver if anything”

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Hybrid Flash Array or All Flash Storage?

There’s no wrong or right option. Your strategy will depend on your needs. The table below can help guide your decision.



Low-cost storage is the priority

Variable latency is not an issue

Unpredictable workload patterns

Intent to leverage legacy arrays

Performance on a budget

Sub-millisecond latency needed

Performance optimised storage is the priority

Guaranteed QoS is needed

Consolidating  high performance drives for lower TCO

On premise, off premise storage solution, or the best of both worlds?

Choosing the right mix requires careful thought based on your business needs and infrastructure.



Full control over systems and data

Business intelligence is in-house

In-house support may already available / in place

High setup costs, minimal OpEx over term

No hardware or software licensing charges

No administration and maintenance charges

Repeatable, predictable costs

Highly scalable, pay as you grow

Whatever your business data storage needs, our consultants will work closely with you to help you create the best business case. By applying our years of sector, technical and industry experience, we offer an unbiased, yet refreshing approach to overcoming your storage issues and challenges.