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We’re helping organisations of all sizes do better business. BCN’s latest virtualisation solutions save time, lower costs, enhance mobility, increase IT efficiency, improve security and simplify management.

Whether you are implementing a cloud strategy or planning to reduce the number of servers in your business, server virtualisation delivers significant benefits without tying up valuable staff time.

BCN creates an easy way to migrate your legacy and multiple IT assets into a more consolidated, power and space efficient environment. By streamlining your resources on virtualised servers, you can run multiple operating systems and applications on the same hardware, delivering better server utilisation, improved security and an easier way of managing it all. Business continuity and service availability are better through using fewer hardware devices, and new services can be quickly deployed and tested.

Key benefits of server virtualisation

Whether you are implementing a cloud strategy or planning to reduce the number of servers in your business, server virtualisation delivers significant benefits without tying up valuable staff time.

Helps migrate to cloud computing and enable private cloud infrastructures

Streamline / maximise server utilisation and reclaim underused or unused server resources

Run multiple OSs and applications on the same hardware

Reduce physical assets and consolidate small servers

Manage and control your IT budget (admin, mgmt & maintenance remain a direct IT cost)

Enables better BYOD and mobility support

Reduced demand and variation of technical skills

Shorter time to market for new services and projects

Improved security and integrity

Easier Server and platform maintenance

Faster recovery times from hardware failure and disaster recovery

Environmentally better, saving energy and space

Remove vendor lock-in

Improved service uptime and application availability

Incubate multiple applications on a single server

Increase longevity of legacy applications

Intelligent resource sharing between data and storage

Productivity from automated and streamlined management tasks

Greater responsiveness, faster scaling of desktops, applications, and servers

Less time, effort and money invested in kit

Value for money is naturally important. Virtualisation means you don’t need to buy new servers for new applications, resulting in less time, effort and money being invested. Power and space overheads are also lowered. Administration, management and maintenance costs are similarly controlled, as too are the demands and variation of technical skills. Legacy applications can be ported in their own operating environments, extending their value and longevity.

“Our main criteria for choosing an IT partner are reliability and price. BCN have lived up to expectations here”


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Next stop, the cloud. Virtualisation is the first step towards delivering a fully integrated mobile and cloud strategy for your organisation and users. It gives you the freedom to test then extend your IT services to the best cloud platform to suit your needs, whether it is private, public or a hybrid of both clouds. Provisioning becomes faster, as does responsiveness. Virtual machines make scaling of desktops, applications and servers an easy task. There’s no more waiting for the delivery and build of new servers. new VM’s and environments can be created in seconds, not weeks. You’ll also see direct benefits in application capacity, availability and service uptime, leading to better business continuity and disaster recovery.

Maintenance is another area that sees positive change, with fewer servers, resources need less time and less training to keep operations effective.

Environmental impact is positive too. Fewer, more consolidated servers require less physical space and less power to operate.

What’s driving virtualisation?

Recent customer surveys have shown that there are 7 common reasons for the adoption of  vitualisation in the workplace.

Most common reasons for vitualisation

Whatever your reasons, we provide highly-skilled in-house experts, that follow proven industry processes to create a service that includes intelligent automation with real people always sat behind it.