Giving back!

We like to give a little something back to the community and this month we have gone a little further afield to support a school over in Yorkshire and a project over in St Helens.

One of our clients are an academy based over in Huddersfield and they asked for our support in sponsoring their annual awards event. We are proud to have contributed towards the event which celebrated the students achievements throughout the year.

We are also very proud of our Technical Manager, Carl, who took part in a charity bike ride from St Helens to Southport and back (50 miles in total).

The aim is to raise money for a friend who wants to create a sensory garden at home for his disabled child.

We thought the cause was very worthy and so sponsored the bike ride. Click here to read more & see how you can donate:


Why should your business choose BlueCoffee Networks as its preferred IT company?

We appreciate that choosing an IT partner can be a minefield, so we wanted to make the job a little easier for you.

Please read on to hear a few of the many reasons why you should choose BlueCoffee Networks for all of you IT requirements!

1.Our Mission

Our mission “to provide a consistent uncompromising level of service to our customers at all times” is shared with and maintained by all members of staff at BlueCoffee Networks.

2.Our People

Our key competitive advantage is our staff. We are a technically lead company, with our technical team making up around 75% of our company and employ the best candidates whilst focusing on training and continual improvement. Our “team like culture” helps all departments to work together to provide the best possible level of service.

We have put individual and team KPI’s in place to measure performance and take corrective action to continually improve performance of individuals and the company as a whole. Staff are also incentivised with a monthly prize to provide the best possible customer service to our clients.

3.ISO:9001 – Quality IT Services

Our ISO:9001 certification demonstrates that the company has the processes and capability in delivering its services and is committed to continual improvement. It also reaffirms our commitment to provide our customers with a high quality service. We have held the accreditation for over 2 years and have developed our in-house systems to be in-line with the standard.

4.Total IT Solutions Partner

BlueCoffee Networks is a total IT Networking support services and solutions company, meaning we can fulfill all of your IT requirements without the hassle of using various suppliers. Our services include cloud solutions, virtualization, storage, disaster recovery planning, business continuity, connectivity,  IT & Networking consultancy and IT support services with strategic alliances with many of the big known and trusted manufactures such as Veeam, VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, HP, Cisco, Dell, Nimble Storage and many more.

To find out more about how we can help with your IT, contact us on 0845 095 7000.


SmartStack Solution to Optimize Desktop Virtualization for Remote and Branch Offices Announced by Nimble Storage

BlueCoffee Networks flash storage solutions partner, Nimble Storage, have introduced SmartStack™ for ROBO Desktop Virtualization in conjunction with Cisco and VMware. The new converged infrastructure solution brings the power of Cisco UCS Mini and VMware Horizon® 6 to companies with remote offices, small IT environments or many retail locations to support the business and users at these sites with secure, easy-to-manage virtual desktops.

SmartStack for ROBO Desktop Virtualization helps businesses with remote or branch offices deliver better responsiveness to their smaller IT environments. Management complexities, the size of a data center’s footprint, application performance and the potential hefty investment of a storage environment are common pain-points that need to be considered when it comes to managing the desktops of employees who work at remote or branch offices. Part of the SmartStack family, SmartStack for ROBO Desktop Virtualization is a converged infrastructure solution based on Nimble Storage’s CS-Series arrays, the newly introduced Cisco UCS Mini, and VMware Horizon 6. The UCS Mini embeds the unified server and networking capabilities of the top-of-rack UCS Fabric Interconnect directly into the UCS Mini chassis, enabling the new SmartStack solution to deliver compute, storage and networking in a single, easy-to-manage, compact solution. By deploying an optimized desktop virtualization solution on-site at remote or branch offices rather than a central data center, IT organizations can deliver a predictable end-user experience by eliminating network dependent performance issues between sites.

Nimble’s SmartStack pre-validated reference architectures eliminate the challenges associated with deploying application, server, hypervisor, networking, and storage components. The new ROBO Desktop Virtualization reference architecture is ideally suited for single site implementations with up to 500 seats and enables organizations to confidently deploy desktop virtualization that is right-sized for their environment, with the ability to scale in alignment with changing requirements.

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About Nimble Storage
Nimble Storage (NYSE: NMBL) is redefining the storage market with its Adaptive Flash platform. Nimble’s flash storage solutions enable the consolidation of all workloads and eliminate storage silos by providing enterprises with significant improvements in application performance and storage capacity. At the same time, Nimble delivers superior data protection, while simplifying business operations and lowering costs. At the core of the Adaptive Flash platform is the patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) architecture and InfoSight, an automated cloud-based management and support system that maintains storage system peak health. More than 3,000 enterprises, governments, and service providers have deployed Nimble’s flash storage solutions across 37 countries. For more information about Nimble Storage, visit

About BlueCoffee Networks

BlueCoffee Networks is a total IT Networking support services and solutions company covering Cheshire, Manchester, Stockport and throughout the UK. We are trusted systems integrators, offering an extremely responsive and personalised service that is always looking to protect your investment in partnership.

Our key focus areas are cloud solutions, virtualization, storage, disaster recovery planning, business continuity, connectivity,  IT & Networking consultancy and IT support services with strategic alliances with many of the big known and trusted manufactures such as Nimble Storage  Veeam, VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, HP, Cisco, Dell, and many more.

How Cloud Computing Can Solve Your Business Problems


Cloud computing can be an organisation’s best and most reliable resource when it comes to solving business challenges.

Key challenges facing businesses today – including expensive IT, mobility restrictions, and limited growth capacity – can all be solved by migrating to cloud computing and an increased reliance on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) programs.

Problem 1: Expensive IT Costs

Solution: Organisations must accommodate increasing demand for new IT capabilities and services, however economic uncertainty and rising costs of materials can cause a roadblock along the way.  Cloud computing presents an economic advantage by providing IT solutions at a lower cost and increased access to data from virtually any device.

Problem 2: Mobility Restrictions

Solution: Mobility is an increasing IT challenge, and nothing tackles this challenge more completely than cloud computing. Businesses are eager for increased mobility of business applications on smartphones, which rely on timely updates only available from cloud-based software management. Cloud-based providers solve the challenge of mobility by providing service updates almost immediately, which bring enormous productivity gains.

Problem 3: Limited Growth Capacity

Solution: Although business growth is the primary goal and motivation of all businesses, it quickly presents a challenge of being able to support the extra amount of data that new growth brings. The cloud can hold an unprecedented amount of data and cloud technology can be continuously scaled up or down to fit a company’s changing needs.

Problem 4: Lack of Inter-organisation data sharing & collaborations

Solution: Lack of cross- organisation data sharing can lead to misinformed decision making. Cloud computing resolves this by facilitating faster, easier and more extensive data sharing between departments and offices within your business. The also aids collaboration within the organisations.


About BCN Group
BCN Group is an IT Service and solutions provider based in Cheshire with a client base covering Cheshire, Manchester, Stockport and throughout the UK.

Our key focus areas are: virtualisationstoragehosted solutionsdisaster recoverybusiness continuityIT consultancy network support services. Follow us on twitter: @bcn_group