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Connected Printers Could Pose Internet Security Risk

Almost every office environment will have a connected printer. While this might bring increased productivity and efficiency to the workplace, it also presents a serious security risk. Hackers are increasingly exploiting the vulnerabilities of the humble office printer in order to launch attacks on businesses. Printers handle so much sensitive data on a daily basis. […]

Best Practice for Creating and Enforcing a Password Policy

No matter how complex and thorough your company IT security is, human users will always find a way to work around protections. If you don’t have a password policy in place, it’s difficult to ensure that your employees are making smart choices. One of the biggest problems is in password strength, with the majority of […]

Amazon Web Services will Soon Bill Customers by the Second

When Amazon Web Services launched in 2006, it sparked the cloud computing revolution. Fast forward a few years, and we now have the likes of Dropbox and Airbnb following the introduction of Amazon’s server by the hour model. Developers would no longer have to build and maintain their own servers at considerable cost. Instead, they […]

Spotlight on our partners: Veeam Software

For a new series on our blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at our software partners. If you’ve ever wondered about how we deliver our services, it wouldn’t be possible without the help of our software partners. These companies are the disruptive forces that move the whole IT industry forward and force us to […]

Major Ransomware Attack Underway, according to Security Experts

If you received a suspicious-looking email this weekend and aren’t sure about the attachment, it might be wise to send it straight to the trash. According to IT security experts Barracuda Networks, there is currently a widespread ransomware attack in progress that could be set to disrupt healthcare and other industries. The extent of the […]

Essential Agile Methodologies For Any Business

Agile is a broad term to describe software development methodologies that have grown in popularity in recent years. They’re popular because they place software development back at the heart of the practice, rather than focussing on things like documentation or top-heavy management. Every developer within an agile team is responsible for self-management, meaning this leadership […]

5 Steps to a Successful Digital Detox

What does your early morning routine look like? If you’re anything like us, it starts with a quick scroll through your phone. You might check the latest headlines, have a glance at social media or check the weather for the day. At the end of the day, your bedtime routine probably follows a similar trend. […]

What Can Companies Learn from the HBO Hack?

At the end of July, news broke that HBO had suffered a serious security breach. It was soon reported that hackers had managed to extract 1.5 terabytes of data from the network. To put this in context, this is 7 times more data than was stolen from Sony in 2014. The Sony breach had wide-reaching […]

UK Data Protection Laws Face Complete Overhaul

Technology companies around the world hold a lot of data on their users. When you think about the amount of information you willingly hand over one a daily basis, it’s quite alarming to think that we don’t currently have a hold on our own information. As a Facebook user, you will likely regularly share information […]