Entries by Brendan Adams

9 steps to protect against Ransomware

Security Best Practices Ransomware attacks start in two main ways. A booby-trapped email with a malicious attachment or via a compromised website; which then work their way down to your endpoints and servers. To stop these attacks, it’s critical that you have advanced protection technology in place at each stage of the attack and combine […]

BCN accelerates its public service offerings with G-Cloud 9 approval

BCN Group, the Manchester-based Digital and Cloud Service Provider has been notified by the Crown Commercial Service that it has been successful in becoming a service provider for Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support for G-Cloud 9. This latest Government award enables BCN’s increasingly popular cloud-based service offerings to be available to the UK’s […]

Why Ransomware loves your secret shame

The very high profile exposure of the WannaCry ransomware exploit has once again shone a light on this ever-expanding business problem. And whilst such an event is nothing to smile about, in some respects, it’s important that it has happened in such a public way. According to IBM Security, Ransomeware-infected emails expanded 6000% in 2016 compared to […]