2016 is proving to be an interesting year for political change. Whatever side of the fence you may sit on, both our own Brexit and now the Trump presidential election win have shown that the people are tired of the established order of things. They demand change, they want something better, and most importantly are ready to take that leap of faith to get it.

Technology in business in many respects can follow a similar pattern. We buy, deploy, support and manage our IT in very similar ways – year-in, year-out, until something eventually has to give. What we once had is no longer really fit for purpose, but we still drag it out. it never seems the right time to make that big change. Budgets are tight, resources are limited, other projects need doing first. So many obstacles.

But have you also considered another possibility? Is you incumbent partner also out of touch with your business and needs? Is it time you looked to someone new that can show you the art of the possible and not the art of what’s on offer from them?

Here’s a quick and easy litmus test to see if you ready for change – which of the below statements most represents your present view:

  1. I am continually impressed by the quality of the service I receive from my IT partner
  2. They’re just an IT partner. I’ve no reason to complain or cheer
  3. If I’m honest, I feel that I get a lot less value than I thought I was getting

If you haven’t seen yourself in point 1, then it’s probably time you reviewed your situation (as Fagin would say). Face it, you’re the customer, you’re paying, so expect a memorable, quality service, as you were once promised!

So, do you feel that you’re not getting the most from your suppliers, partners, systems and processes? Feel like a change? Then consider BCN – an IT Service Partner working hard to make a difference.

We know the direction in which we’re moving, we’re flexible and we provide excellent customer service. With a 89% Net Promoter Score, it’s not just our say so that backs this up.

Give us a call. After all it costs little or nothing to get advice, but it could make all the difference to your IT, users and customers.