Cloud Computing Advantages for SMEs

The cloud offers flexibility, scalability and security. Which is convenient, because these are just some of the things small business owners are looking for. For those growing a business, there can be no better IT solution than one that grows with them. The world of business is fast changing, and the business owners leading the way are those switched on to cloud computing advantages.

While it might seem like a complex concept, anyone with an email account can grasp the idea of cloud computing and its advantages. For anyone who has ever logged into their email account from a computer that isn’t their own and found all of their emails and files accessible to them, the advantages of cloud computing are fairly easy to understand. The modern company isn’t confined to one location, and the rise of entrepreneurs starting businesses from their dining table means that cloud computing is the logical choice to enable collaboration without a traditional office environment.

Here are just some of the cloud computing advantages we can think of…

Increased Collaboration

One of the most obvious cloud computer advantages is the opportunity for collaboration. An office in a box solution allows the work from home entrepreneur to scale up their operations as an when required. This might mean collaborating with someone on the other side of the city, or the other side of the world. This solution travels with the business owner, meaning they are always ready for the next step in growing their enterprise. However, the only obstacle lies in company-wide adoption. Issues with compatibility can arise if one user is reluctant to adopt new technology. For cloud computing to work, everyone will have to be on board, which means educating all of the stakeholders and staff on how the cloud works.

Speed Up Processes

The cloud has no doubt streamlined many processes which we now take for granted. For businesses, the prospect of speeding up cumbersome processes can help to free up time for other tasks. Going paperless, for example, can free up time spent stuffing envelopes or scrambling through filing cabinets. Moving processes to the cloud also opens up the possibility of using big data to make better business decisions.

Improve Security

We couldn’t compile a list of cloud computing advantages without mentioning security. The threat of cyber attacks hasn’t been far from the headlines in the past couple of months, which is prompting some companies to review their security protocols. Unfortunately, SMEs often think they’re immune to such threats until it’s too late. With the right hosted cloud services provider, security can be greatly improved. Even steps as simple as keeping software up-to-date will help to improve IT security and reduce the risk of malware infection. And if something goes wrong, data recovery from the cloud can help to minimise disruption.