Network Health Checks – Shedding light on your network and any potential hazards

Many organisations react to business needs by adding new IT equipment to their networks on an ad hoc basis, but this can result in poor network performance, bottlenecks, slow file access, premature hardware failure and security risks from viruses and spyware. Just as your car requires a regular service, your network requires a regular Network Health Check to keep delivering optimum performance and productivity.

Our IT health checking service audits your network and IT infrastructure  to identify any issues that might be present such configuration issues, connectivity issues, overworked hardware, viruses, spyware and adware, security issues and your disaster recovery plans.

Based on these results, we’ll provide you with impartial recommendations to rectify any problems, returning your equipment to optimum performance.

During your Network Health Check, a qualified engineer will visit your premises and set up various diagnostic tools, which are run over a prescribed timeframe. The engineer will discuss current issues and objectives with you to ensure all relevant data is collected.

Our audit report will detail the facts concerning your network and infrastructure, and lists all identified problems along with recommendations for rectification.

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