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Amazon Web Services will Soon Bill Customers by the Second

When Amazon Web Services launched in 2006, it sparked the cloud…
September 21, 2017/by admin

Spotlight on our partners: Veeam Software

For a new series on our blog, we’ll be taking a closer look…
September 12, 2017/by admin

Major Ransomware Attack Underway, according to Security Experts

If you received a suspicious-looking email this weekend and aren’t…
September 11, 2017/by admin

Essential Agile Methodologies For Any Business

Agile is a broad term to describe software development methodologies…
August 31, 2017/by admin

5 Steps to a Successful Digital Detox

What does your early morning routine look like? If you’re anything…
August 24, 2017/by admin

Want to know why 100 million people have moved to Office 365?

Did you know that there are now more than 100 million active…
August 23, 2017/by Brendan Adams

GDPR, Security & Office 365 Seminar

August 16, 2017/by Lindsey

What Can Companies Learn from the HBO Hack?

At the end of July, news broke that HBO had suffered a serious…
August 15, 2017/by admin

Getting to know Lindsey at BCN a bit better!

Each month we will be interviewing a member of the team to…
August 8, 2017/by Lindsey

UK Data Protection Laws Face Complete Overhaul

Technology companies around the world hold a lot of data on…
August 7, 2017/by admin

What is Malware? How To Protect Your Business from Malware

Malware is a shortened way of saying “malicious software”.…
August 1, 2017/by admin

Top 8 Reasons Your Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

The importance of a disaster recovery plan cannot be overstated.…
July 31, 2017/by Lindsey