Security Alert & Advice

You may have read about a security alert in the press claiming we all have two weeks to protect ourselves against a major cyber-threat.  Whilst the alert should be taken seriously, it should also be noted that the threat has been widespread for a number of years.

BlueCoffee Networks’ advice is not to panic and to be vigilant as always when opening emails, downloading attachments and surfing the internet.

Please refrain from opening any suspicious email attachments and ensure your Anti Virus software is up to date.  We also recommend turning off computers when not in use, especially if part of a wider network.

Unfortunately, once infected it’s impossible to repair the damage caused.  The only solution is to restore from a backup.  If you don’t have our managed back up service, please also make sure you regularly take back ups.

If you have any questions, please call us on 0845 095 7000.