Local Government IT Services







BCN is helping local authorities and government organisations do things better. By combining sector know-how, technical expertise and the application of the right products and services, we help local government deliver services faster, that are more accessible across departments, resulting in better customer experiences. 

With greater mobility and the advantage of economies of scale, Government Digital Services can be quickly realised through improved shared services platforms. Our solutions and services are designed to help Housing, Planning, Revenues and Benefits, Social Care, Transport and Waste Management.

Cost reduction

Digitisation offers a huge opportunity for benefitting from economies of scale. Applying digital services and technology through innovative cloud platforms opens up new and scalable ways to reduce costs without sacrificing availability and quality.

Digital mobilisation

Ensuring greater service and data availability on the move has many advantages. Users are freed from fixed locations, able to securely access data and services wherever and whenever they need. Applied correctly, the benefits are many-fold; streamlining efficiencies, improving response times and reducing risks. Mobility offers a strong and measurable ROI for staff and customers alike.

Multi-channel services

By applying in-house and cloud services correctly across the many channels in use, a more effective single point of contact platform can be established where user and customers enjoy better experiences regardless of the medium the prefer to use to carry out their tasks.

Shared services

By sharing key back-office and frontline services, departments and teams can significantly reduce paper and resource overheads whilst delivering services far faster, leading to greater productivity, cost savings and better customer experiences.

Better outcomes

Harnessing technology to help transform the way work is done better. Improved automation, better service availability and more flexible platforms all contribute to how problems are resolved faster, public space is utilised and people engage more effectively.

We offer a wide range of services that when applied, help local authorities and government bodies operate and perform with greater success and far better outcomes. Productivity is improved, time is saved, assets are more reliable, accessible and secure, user experiences are more fulfilling, and costs are reduced.

Our Commitment

Our dedicated Public Sector account managers are intimate with and fully conversant in the various issues, challenges, and legislative pressures the sector faces.

BCN’s technical consultants work with you to ensure that appropriate sizing, scoping and on-boarding of each and every contracted procurement service is delivered to the highest levels of customer satisfaction so that we are recommended time and again.

Ultimately, we believe our cloud services offer something special; all the benefits of highly automated platforms, processes, and procedures, fully transparent cost models … but with access to a friendly, knowledgeable and expert in-house service desk – there when you need them.