Webinar: PowerApps – Getting Return on Your Investment – Tues 23rd Nov

About the webinar

Applications, workflows and reports have traditionally been three separate entities, requiring different sets of skills to enable them to work together as one. However, imagine a platform where you can create and host your app, build workflows that will allow processes and data to be captured and live reporting that enables you to make real-time decisions. With Microsoft Power Platform, all of this is possible.Power Platform brings together all aspects of an application ecosystem, allowing for a more streamlined and better experience for businesses and end-users. In this webinar, BCN Group’s Power Platform lead, Fraser Dear, will cover Power Platform and PowerApps, how they can help your organisation and employees achieve more and become more productive, and demonstrate real-life use cases where we’ve built transformational environments.


  • What is the Microsoft Power Platform?
  • What are PowerApps?
  • How a Power Platform ecosystem can help you
  • Real-life use cases
  • Q&A

Speaker Bio

Fraser Dear

Fraser has a passion for technology and driving technology adoption forward through digital transformation.

With a background in Laser Physics, Fraser has been developing solutions in the Microsoft Power Platform since its inception. With scientific knowledge and 20 years in the industry, Fraser brings together process optimisation, data science, user experience and application development to maximise the Microsoft Power Platform suite of technologies.