Windows 10 – What’s all the fuss about?

We’ve been all over it like a rash and we think it is really good.

Windows 10 has been officially with us for a month now. Available from 29th July 2015 it is the biggest mass Operating System update on any platform so far. Microsoft have offered a free upgrade to anyone already running Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 OEM versions (i.e. if it came pre-installed on your PC) and you will be invited to download Windows 10 at some point if you haven’t already. The idea is that Microsoft want to give as many users as possible the same interface irrespective of the platform they use whether it is PC, tablet or mobile phone.

The normal way to get your upgrade is to reserve it when the invite comes via a Windows update onto your device and then wait your turn to download it. The Polymorph Managed Services team couldn’t wait though and downloaded a copy from here.

So what do we think of Windows 10? Well we’ve been all over it like a rash and we think it is really good! Back is the start menu and desktop we all know from Windows 7 combined with the tiles that are so familiar from Windows 8. The interface looks fresh and is intuitive in use too.

We’ve had no issues of note after the upgrade and have been able to use our existing applications and hardware as normal. Be warned though; if you are at all unsure about upgrading you should run the Windows Compatibility Checker before doing so in case any of your hardware or software is incompatible currently. Use the ‘Get Windows 10’ app to do a compatibility check. It should be installed automatically during Windows updates and will show as a Windows icon in your device’s system tray (see image below). You should manually run a Windows update if it isn’t there.




So what if you upgrade and then find there is an issue or you just don’t like the new Windows 10? You will have one month after upgrading to revert back to the previous version of Windows on your device.

We reckon Windows 10 is the best version yet and we really don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you take the plunge and upgrade.