Cloud Hosted VoIP Phone System

Improve business communications with VoIP – make and receive calls, host meetings and video calls through the cloud.

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a cloud-based phone system. VoIP systems are a flexible, cost-effective alternative to traditional telephone systems, delivered via a private branch exchange (PBX) located on your business premises.

A VoIP phone uses your existing internet connection to make phone calls without the need for costly on-site hardware.

Advantages of VoIP vs traditional phone systems

A VoIP phone system offers many benefits over traditional PBX fixed phone systems, including:

    • Lower costs – No physical hardware investment or maintenance means cheaper calls and no hidden fees.
    • Increased accessibility – Make and receive calls from anywhere.
    • Complete portability – Contact users on the same VoIP number using any device, regardless of location.
    • Higher scalability – Increase or decrease the number of users instantly without having to purchase additional lines or dedicated hardware.
    • Advanced features for all team sizes – Advanced features like auto-attendant and call transferring project the image of a larger company. A VoIP number with different local area codes also make large companies appear more approachable.
    • Clearer voice quality – Robust connection and good bandwidth results in clear voice quality with no latency or call dropouts.
    • Supports multitasking – Send documents, images and videos during a conversation or video meeting.
    • Increased security – Reduce fraudulent calls with security features, such as encryption and identity management.

Benefits of using BCN’s VoIP phone system

Our cloud telephony system offers your business several benefits, including:

Safe and Secure

Military-grade security with continuous updates.

Easy to Use

Intuitive, easy-to-use and straightforward system.


Seamless connectivity from anywhere in the world.

Remote working and Mobility

Access cloud files and manage users from anywhere.


Cheaper than a traditional phone system with no hidden fees.


Expand telephony quickly without capacity concerns.

Quick and Easy to Deploy

Rapid deployment within days (sometimes even hours).

Customer Service

Access to expert IT and technical support as standard.

How do BCN plan and implement a VoIP solution?

How do BCN plan and implement a VoIP solution?

Here are the six steps we follow when implementing your VoIP system:


Assessing your business requirements

Full scope around the requirements and features you need to operate more efficiently.


Site and network audit

We take time to understand your business structure and how the network operates. This can often be done virtually.


Proposing a VoIP Solution

Provide a demo of your system and a test account to explore its features.


Planning the implementation of your VoIP system

With timescales and deadlines, we will ensure your migration to VoIP is seamless.



Hassle-free deployment and installation by highly experienced VoIP specialists.



We won’t just deploy your solution then leave. BCN Group provides training and ongoing support to ensure successful adoption.

Our VoIP clients

“We are delighted with the flexibility VoIP has given our Business as we have grown and developed. As a busy home-care provider, the ability to make and receive many calls at the same time has been invaluable and call recording supports our continuous quality monitoring.”

All Aspects Health and Social Care.

BCN Group believe in the cloud and all the benefits it can bring to businesses. We’re also advocates for improving communication, collaboration and productivity using technology as the enabler.

BCN Group partner with RingCentral, the world’s largest cloud communicate provider. We were their first RingCentral Ignite partner in the North of England, which is their highest level partner accreditation