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Cloud Infrastructure Services

As organisations grow and innovate to deliver for their customers, their IT infrastructure needs to do the same. BCN specialise in providing the right cloud solution to meet your business needs.


Cloud Infrastructure refers to services making up a cloud computing environment, including hardware, such as servers and storage devices, and software components, such as virtualisation software and applications.

Flexible, scalable, and secure

Managed cloud solutions have revolutionised our working relationship with technology. End-users are now more productive, collaborating across applications and accessing data from any device, in any location. In turn, businesses have the power to develop tailored services, keep sensitive data secure, and maximise efficiencies.

BCN offer a host of cloud services to meet all requirements. Whether you’re looking to move away from on-premises infrastructure and start your cloud migration journey, enhance your existing cloud capabilities, or optimise your existing cloud investment, BCN’s managed cloud services are here to meet your business goals.

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What does managed cloud services include?

Cloud infrastructure is the foundation of the modern IT strategy, giving businesses a secure and scalable platform for their digital transformation journey. Future-proof your business and start innovating with BCN’s managed cloud services.

The following services are a selection of our wider managed cloud offerings, get in touch to find out more about the infrastructure services we offer.

  • Cloud Migration

    If you’re looking to migrate your existing workloads to a managed cloud environment, BCN offer full assessment, sizing & migration services.

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  • Cloud Enhancement

    Leverage our cloud experts to unlock new capabilities through the power of Cloud Services.

  • Cloud Optimisation

    Whether you’re looking to improve your Cloud security or reduce costs, BCN can help optimise your cloud environment.

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  • Cloud Management

    Full management & support of your cloud environment so you can focus on running your business.

Want to get more out of your infrastructure?

Have a look at our Monitoring as a Service solution.

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Types of Managed Cloud

There is no one-size fits all approach to cloud. That’s why BCN offer a wide range of cloud options and services designed to suit all customer requirements.

  • Microsoft Azure

    Managed and hosted by Microsoft, Azure is the world’s leading public cloud environment

    Microsoft Azure allows organisations to run Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) workloads, without having to manage any physical hardware. As a Microsoft Tier-1 Cloud Service Provider and Infrastructure Solution Partner, we have proven expertise & experience delivering Azure services to any business for any requirement.

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  • BCN Private Cloud

    We have the expertise to build and manage a robust private cloud for your organisation

    At BCN we understand that public cloud may not be viable for some businesses, especially if there are sensitive operations or stringent regulatory requirements. That’s why we offer the option to setup a BCN Private Cloud for your business. By partnering with the world’s biggest hardware providers such as Dell & HP Enterprise, BCN have access to the best technology in the market and the expertise to build and manage a robust private cloud for any organisation.

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  • BCN Cloud

    Choose BCN's Private Cloud, managed in our data centre

    BCN Cloud is BCN’s own managed private cloud environment, hosted in our data centre. Similar to Azure, BCN Cloud offers both PaaS and IaaS options to run part – or all – of your workloads. The difference is that BCN manage and run the physical hardware, so we can provide additional flexibility and support.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Bring together public and private clouds into one hybrid system for your business

    Hybrid cloud allows organisations to utilise the best of private and public clouds by securely connecting the two. Public cloud becomes an extension of your on-premises environment, allowing the flexibility to run workloads using the optimal technology, in the right environment. BCN have vast experience designing, connecting and securing hybrid cloud environments for organisations of all sizes across all industries.

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Customer Success Story

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Manchester Airport

BCN were selected to develop a bespoke Safety Management Information SharePoint site, replacing an existing, time consuming and tedious paper-based safety reporting process. The solution embedded all necessary information into staff PCs, laptops, and PDAs saving the operations team in excess of 300 hours per year.

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  • Aviation
  • Microsoft SharePoint


RSK approached BCN shortly after they had commissioned an on-premise server, with the objective of delivering a highly available environment. However, experiencing business interruption resulting in high levels of maintenance, we discovered the business was operating on a standard version of Exchange. BCN were asked to provide options which would not only resolve their current issues but would allow for future expansion.

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  • Azure
  • Engineering and technical services
  • Environmental Science
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Research
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Maximising your cloud infrastructure investment

Leveraging a managed cloud infrastructure has a number of benefits. Typical advantages include:

  • Reduced hardware spend

    Moving to a managed cloud model reduces the need for costly hardware purchases. We include this as part of our managed cloud service, meaning you can avoid the initial large cost for hardware.

  • No infrastructure to manage

    Remove the need to host and manage complex infrastructure yourself. This will all be included as part of a managed cloud service.

  • Enterprise Scale at speed

    Cloud provides an unlimited capability to scale to meet your business demands.

  • Pay for what you use

    Consumption based pricing means you are only charged for what you use.

  • Lower your carbon footprint

    Utilising cloud services can help lower your carbon footprint and improve the sustainability of your business.

Our Infrastructure Experts

Meet the team who design, deploy, and manage our customers’ environments

Our experts are ready to support your organisation with IT solutions spanning infrastructure and cloud, cyber security, modern workplace, business applications, and data and analytics.


Why choose BCN’s managed cloud services?

BCN have migrated hundreds of customers to the cloud. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we share Microsoft’s vision to make cloud infrastructure accessible to all businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. Below are some benefits of choosing BCN as your managed cloud service provider.

  • Experience

    BCN have been a managed cloud provider since its inception. We’ve managed cloud for customers of all shapes & sizes across hundreds of industries, so we know what we’re doing!

  • Knowledge & Expertise

    BCN have technical expertise & certified resources across a range of technologies to ensure your cloud infrastructure always meets industry best practice.

  • The right cloud for your business

    BCN takes a right-fit approach to Cloud Services, allowing us to benefit from the right solution for your organisation to achieve the business outcome you desire.

  • Microsoft Partnership

    As a Microsoft Tier-1 Cloud Service Provider and Infrastructure Solution Partner, we have proven expertise & experience delivering Azure services to any organisation for any scenario.

  • Technology Partners

    BCN partner with the largest technology providers in the world to bring the right technology to our platforms. If it’s a private cloud option you’re looking for, rest assured we offer the best in the market.

  • Full-stack Services

    BCN offer a vast array of other options to complement & enhance our Cloud Managed Service solutions, meaning we can meet any business need.

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