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SharePoint Development Services

Share and manage content, data, applications, and empower teamwork with a future-proofed SharePoint site that meets your business needs.

Using SharePoint

Businesses use SharePoint to create websites that act as a secure location to store, arrange, share, and access information from any device. To access your SharePoint site, all you need is a web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.

Application Development

What is SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful and versatile web-based collaboration platform that works with all elements of the Microsoft 365 application stack. SharePoint is highly configurable, and its usage can vary across a business’s requirements, for example as an Intranet, Document Depository, or for Workflows.

Despite its configurations, SharePoint requires development skills and knowledge and ability to be able to build a solution to meet a business’s needs.

SharePoint Development

SharePoint Solutions


Our SharePoint development team can develop bespoke solutions that fit your needs and requirements. Working alongside our team of project managers, we provide a range of services from a SharePoint Permissions Audit to Intranet Development.

  • SharePoint Permissions Audit

    Broken permissions mean huge problems for businesses of all sizes. Past migrations, permission changes and sharing folders can lead to security breaches, unauthorized access, and data corruption. Our fixed priced SharePoint Permissions Audit will reveal any issues in your site and quickly steer you back to best practice.

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  • SharePoint Development

    We build, develop and create solutions in SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server, which include UX design. Such solutions include:

    SharePoint Intranets; SharePoint Extranets and Portals; Document Management Systems; Digital Asset Managers; SharePoint for Teams.

  • SharePoint Migration and Implementation

    BCN Group has delivered SharePoint solutions for almost 20 years. Therefore, we have extensive experience managing SharePoint site migrations, helping businesses to transition from outdated servers. Starting with scoping, we will advise, guide and manage your smooth migration.

  • SharePoint Training and Support

    BCN will provide comprehensive user training (one-to-one and group) to ensure that the deployment of your SharePoint site is a success. Our support services are tailored to your business and can address anything from ‘how-to’ questions to SharePoint management, discussing access permissions and ongoing development work.


Understanding you

Plans & pricing

Getting an app built doesn’t have to break the bank. Get in touch and one of our team would be happy to understand your requirements in more detail so we can provide an accurate quote for developing your solution.

Project collaboration

Benefits of using SharePoint for businesses

SharePoint for business empowers your teams to seamlessly collaborate on projects and communicate effectively. By providing your business with a centralised platform, SharePoint streamlines workflows and encourages real-time collaboration. Boost user collaboration, communication and productivity today.

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  • Integrated across the Microsoft ecosystem

  • Low-cost implementation and running costs

  • Easy-to-use out-of-the-box basic functionality

  • Hugely flexible for advanced bespoke business needs

  • Integration with Azure Active Directory for more advanced business needs

  • Integration with Azure Active Directory allows integrated security management

  • Trusted global solution

Success stories

Our SharePoint testimonials & case studies

“BCN Group redesigned our SharePoint portal to make it easier to find, upload, and organise information centrally. Our working relationship with them has been fantastic. The team are very responsive and reactive. This has led to an ongoing SharePoint support contract”

IT Director, Ferrero

Working with you

Why choose BCN for SharePoint?

Due to its versatility and complexity SharePoint can be a daunting and overwhelming product – especially if there is a lack of internal development expertise. It’s important that any SharePoint solution and service works for your business and by working with BCN, we can deliver that for you.

BCN have more than 20 years’ experience dealing with bespoke SharePoint developments and migrations. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we have both the certified knowledge and support of Microsoft to make any SharePoint adoption successful.

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Frequently asked questions around SharePoint

  • How much will SharePoint cost my business?

    SharePoint is included in most M365 plans. Business plans start at £4.90 per user per month (Nov 23) and enterprise plans start from £8.20 per user per month (Nov 2023) . Please see the links below for more up-to-date pricing information:

    For customers who only want SharePoint for document storage, Microsoft also offer SharePoint Online plans starting from £4.10 per user per month. We would recommend that most organisations start with Business Standard for most users and grow from there. Licenses can also be mixed-and-matched based on needs.

  • How much storage will I get with SharePoint?

    Each subscription gets 1 TB plus 10 GB per user of SharePoint cloud storage that can be used to create team sites, store content, and collaborate with others. This total is shared across all sites and is consumed by files and data created in SharePoint, Teams and related apps.

    Should you need to buy more storage, Microsoft offer an extended storage add-on, allowing you to increase storage in 1 GB increments. This can be very expensive compared to Azure cloud storage so should only be considered if absolutely necessary.

    To help reduce tenant data consumption, BCN work with you to implement retention policies and archiving strategies to reduce the amount of ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial content). As well as reducing potential storage costs, it also helps maintain a lean, clutter-free environment where it is easier to find the things that really matter on a daily basis.

  • Isn’t SharePoint just an intranet?

    No, SharePoint is not just for intranets. SharePoint is a versatile, scalable development platform that can be used for various business purposes, such as:

    • File storage and collaboration with colleagues, partners and customers easily and without needing a secure VPN.
    • Sites for team collaboration to create sites for your teams, projects, departments, or communities of interest.
    • Sites for news and intranets for your organisations news, announcements, policies, events and other resources.
    • Governance and compliance in conjunction with Microsoft Purview to reduce the risk of compliance incidents.
    • Application development to build bespoke applications that bridge the gap between Power Platform and full .NET solutions.
  • Does SharePoint integrate with other business applications?

    Yes, as part of the Microsoft 365 (M365) application suite, SharePoint doesn’t just sit in isolation. It underpins the functionality of other applications such as OneDrive and Teams, and provides integration with many others including the Power Platform.

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