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BCN Public Sector

Technology has the power to transform how public sector agencies and government bodies deliver services. Ensure your organisation is at the at the technological forefront with BCN's public sector IT solutions.

IT Support for the Public Sector

The public sector is dynamic, and technology should enable frictionless change, seamless operations, and facilitate insight-led decision making. Through partnerships with organisations across the public sector, our teams remain at the forefront of emerging trends, ensuring the delivery of future-proof solutions.

About BCN Public Sector

As a trusted partner, BCN has established collaborations with a diverse range of public sector organisations, including healthcare, maritime security, housing trusts, and government bodies. Our expertise in delivering innovative solutions has revolutionised the way our public sector customers provide their vital services, shaping the future of public service delivery.
Benefitting from our strategic position on various government frameworks and our wide array of comprehensive solutions, we actively drive positive change by designing user-centric services and delivering tailored solutions. Through our collaborative approach, we empower public services to embrace transformation and meet the evolving needs of their stakeholders.


Technology challenges for the Public sector.

There is no question that digital transformation and successful technology adoption within the public sector is creating and improving the delivery of services. There are however a number of challenges that come with digital transformation, not least resistance to change, legacy systems and infrastructure, data management, and funding and resource constraints.

Despite the challenges, technology and digital strategies provide opportunities for the public sector to improve operations and services. Here are the four core challenges that BCN help organisations address.  

  • Digital Transformation

    Technology is playing a significant part in our everyday lives and has huge potential to improve how organisations deliver services. BCN enable public sector organisations realise their digital potential, connecting staff, internal process, and the people they provide for through insight-led, user-designed solutions.  

  • Resistence to change

    Implementing digital solutions can require comprehensive changes in processes, workflows, and culture. Resistance to change will only hinder progress and technology adoption. Thats why we will work with you to understand your working environments, processes, and culture to ensure smooth and successful change.  

  • Legacy systems

    The uptake of technology in the public sector is notoriously sluggish, meaning many organisations still operate with outdated systems and infrastructure that are not compatible with modern digital solutions. Working with you, BCN will build a strategic roadmap outlining how your organisation can benefit from a modern, future proofed technology footing that enables you to grow from. 

  • Resource and procurement constraints

    Identifying the right partner and solution can be a time-consuming process. Your route to market doesn’t need to be. BCN Group are approved suppliers on the UK Governments Digital Marketplace, making it much easier and faster for public sector organisitons to buy our products and services


Approved suppliers on UK Government frameworks

BCN Group is an accredited supplier on multiple UK Government frameworks, providing you with the necessary visibility to streamline your procurement process. This accreditation eliminates the need for lengthy tender processes, making your procurement journey more efficient and hassle-free.

  • G-Cloud 13

    G-Cloud 13 is a procurement framework that enables public sector customers to easily acquire cloud-based computing services, including hosting, software, and cloud support. Within this framework, BCN offers a range of off-the-shelf, pay-as-you-go cloud solutions, such as our Public View and EasySPC software, providing convenient and efficient options for our customers' cloud needs.

  • Digital Outcomes 6

    Digital Outcomes 6 is a Crown Commercial Service route to market for public sector customers to access agile development and user-centred design services to accelerate innovation. BCN offer tailored custom application services, designed to meet the unique needs of our customers and drive their digital transformation journey forward.

  • Partnerships

    Through our extensive partnership network, BCN Group can access various frameworks. This allows us to offer our comprehensive range of products and services to all public sector organisations, including the NHS. By leveraging these partnerships, we ensure that our solutions are readily available and easily accessible to meet the specific needs of our valued public sector customers.


Digital solutions to improve the delivery of public services

  • Full stack .NET

    We work with public sector organisations to turn processes into intuitive software applications. Find out more about our end-to-end solutions designed for your needs, across BCN's Microsoft .NET Development services.

    Full Stack .NET right
  • Data and Analytics

    Actionable, transformative, strategic. Unlock the true value of your data and build an insight-driven environment that enables your organisation to drive better, more focused services.

    Data and Analytics right
  • Microsoft Power Platform

    Need something more flexible? Harness the power of low-code tools to do the heavy lifting. Analyse data, automate processes, and build apps, websites and virtual agents with BCN’s Power Platform capabilities.

    Microsoft Power Platform right
  • Modern Workplace

    Embrace modern ways of working and harness modern workplace solutions to keep you ahead of the game. With BCN’s modern workplace solutions, we will create innovative, flexible working environments that empower your employees.

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Been there, done IT

Get in touch to find out more about our end-to-end user-centred design capabilities, intellectual property and large-scale managed services that will enable you to focus on providing critical serviecs. Our end-to-end capabilities, people, and technology partnerships give us an unrivalled ability to get to the heart of your challenges, find out more about the BCN approach we take to our customer engagements.



See how we've helped transform organisations like yours

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EU Crimario

The EU Crimario project, funded by the European Union, aims to strengthen maritime safety and security in the wider Indian Ocean region. BCN developed IORIS for EU Crimario, a web-based information sharing and incident management platform built on the .NET framework.

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  • .Net
  • Maritime Trade


BCN Work closely with EU NAVFOR (Operation Atalanta) to develop a new website to enhance the overall aesthetic, improve the accessibility of information, increase levels of control and management and minimise downtime at all costs. Resulting in enhanced insights for the team to co-ordinate military vessels, organise convoys, and protect maritime trade.

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  • Maritime Trade
  • Software Development

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Employing over 8,000 staff, Hampshire Hospitals provides acute care services to over 600,000 patients. Despite initial hesitations, the Trust were impressed with the granularity in which Public View enabled performance monitoring, benchmarking, and comparison of other Trusts, causing Hampshire to sign a 3-year contract for Public View.

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  • Healthcare
  • Public View

Staffordshire Police

Staffordshire Police had been using IBM’s Lotus notes for email and applications. This was a legacy technology that needed urgent replacement for over 4,500 users. BCN planned and implemented migration to Microsoft Exchange, supported by Azure private cloud, for a much more modern and secure solution.

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  • Azure
  • Public Sector

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Alder Hey and Liverpool Heart and Chest NHS Trust needed to roll out Power BI across the joint analytics team. Our solution helped key stakeholders utilise and adopt Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts much more easily and efficiently for their monthly Integrated Performance Reports.

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  • EasySPC
  • Healthcare
  • Power BI

Cheshire & Merseyside Health and Care Partnership

BCN were challenged to develop and enhance the Trusts new ‘Capacity and Demand Tracker’ to identify additional indicators for a daily briefing for senior managers. It needed to be in a user-friendly format for users to quickly identify issues with capacity and available demand.

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  • Capacity and Demand Tracker
  • Healthcare
  • Power BI
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Digital solutions for public sector organisations

  • Data and Analytics down
  • Data and Analytics

    Unlock the performance of your organisation with BCN’s Data and Analytics services. Find out how you can make more informed decisions, faster so you can spend time on the things that matter most.  

  • Business Applications and Development down
  • Business Applications and Development

    Need something custom built? BCN’s deep Microsoft Power Platform and .NET development capabilities will take your ideas and turn them into beautifully designed applications  

  • Cyber Security down
  • Cyber Security

     Cybercrime isn’t going anywhere, and the public sector has long been a prime target for malicious actors. Close the door to cyber criminals with BCN’s holistic security solutions.  

  • Infrastructure and Cloud down
  • Infrastructure and Cloud

    The bedrock of the modern IT strategy. Our scalable, adaptable, and secure infrastructure and cloud solutions will give you the platform you need to innovate from.  

  • Modern Workplace down
  • Modern Workplace

     Keep your team connected wherever they are located. BCN’s modern workplace solutions deliver consistent, reliable, and secure end-user experiences for your organisations users.  

  • Managed and Professional Services down
  • Managed and Professional Services

     The umbrella that our solutions fall under. Find out more about our managed and professional services that enable our customers to realise their digital potential. 

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