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Data & AI Services

Actionable, transformative, strategic. Unlock the value of your data and build an insight-driven environment that enables your organisation to hit new heights.

Data and Analytics

As the world becomes smarter, harnessing data is critical to gaining competitive advantages and maximising operational efficiencies. How an organisation leverages, analyses, and makes use of their data is a key barometer of their success.

Integrating, managing and maintaining data

Our data and analytics team integrate and consolidate disparate data sources, manage and optimise reporting capabilities, and maintain data functions so they are always producing the insights that our customers need. Engaging in discovery processes, we identify what the right data solution looks like for you and build tailored solutions from leading technology foundations. Our data analysts, product teams, solution developers and sector experts will work together with you to simplify the complex and solve your challenges, so you can do more.

Data and AI

Our Data and AI Services

  • Microsoft Automation, AI and Copilot down
  • Microsoft Automation, AI and Copilot

    Whether you’re looking for Copilots to assist with everyday work, or complex custom OpenAI models to disrupt your industry, BCN is here to support you on your AI journey. 

  • Power BI down
  • Power BI

    Connect your business data, consolidate reports, and transform your decision-making with BCN’s Microsoft Power BI services.

  • Power BI Governance down
  • Power BI Governance

    Software as a Service (SaaS) application that works alongside your Power BI estate, providing leading security and governance of your organisation’s Power BI reports.

  • Data Warehousing down
  • Data Warehousing

    Boost your businesses decision-making capabilities and support your business intelligence and AI initiatives, with a modern, adaptable data foundation.

  • Data Warehousing for ESR down
  • Data Warehousing for ESR

    An out-of-the box solution transforming Electronic Staff Record (ESR) data into actionable, data-driven insights so NHS Trusts can gain a holistic picture of staffing and HR performance.

  • EasySPC down
  • EasySPC

    BCN’s Microsoft certified Power BI visual enables you to create Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts using your own data.

  • Public View down
  • Public View

    NHS benchmarking and analytics tool connecting hundreds of public data sources, presented in an intuitive dashboard for fast paced environments, such as board and performance review meetings.

Data and AI

Benefits of investing
in Data & Analytics

Data is one of the most valuable assets an organisation has, second to your team. We understand that different roles and teams use data for different purposes, but all have the same goal to maintain or improve business and operational outcomes. This is why our data and analytics services are designed to meet the needs of your business and the people that work within it.

  • Become a data-driven organisation

    Harness the power of data to drive informed decision-making.

    BCN helps organisations and businesses uncover insights and trends that enable strategic decision making based on facts, not assumptions.

  • Standardised processes focused on outcomes

    Achieve your outcomes and ambitions with tested processes.

    We have standardised our approach and processes to our data and analytics services, and when implemented deliver reliable and actionable insights that provide tangible value.

  • Translate complexity into impact

    Get more from the data you didn’t know you had.

    Our data teams work to translate complex requirements into impactful visualisations. By presenting data in engaging and intuitive formats, we enable orgnaisaitons to make better decisions, faster.

  • Solutions designed for you

    Clear understandings of your challenges and opportunities.

    BCN’s extensive experience working in various sectors, including Healthcare, Utilities, and Professional Services, means we provide relevant and actionable insights that are tailored to the specific challenges you face.

Customer Success Stories

See how we’ve helped transform businesses like yours

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Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Alder Hey and Liverpool Heart and Chest NHS Trust needed to roll out Power BI across the joint analytics team. Our solution helped key stakeholders utilise and adopt Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts much more easily and efficiently for their monthly Integrated Performance Reports.

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  • EasySPC
  • Healthcare
  • Power BI

P&B Foods

Due to an ineffective disaster recovery plan, P&B Foods suffered an unsophisticated malware attack, highlighting the need to transition to a new IT provider. BCN developed a clear strategy to accelerate their digital transformation, giving P&B the confidence they needed to plan for organic growth and make future strategic acquisitions.

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  • Cyber Security
  • Food Wholesale
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • RingCentral
  • Sage200

London Stansted

Stansted Airport’s IT team needed a system that would show the lifecycle of the hundreds of on-going projects in a single view. BCN developed RADAR, a SharePoint Online site that gives senior leadership a single source of up-to-date information across the airports' on-going projects.

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  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Travel and leisure


The IMI’s aim was clear, collaborate with a highly consultative IT partner to take the business forward from a financial reporting perspective. Initially chosen for a Sage 200 support role, a later requirement on analytics – specifically the implementation, visualisation, and surfacing of Sage 200 insights through Power BI – led to BCN working on the complex visualisation project of the IMI’s management accounts.

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  • Power BI
  • Professional Memberships
  • Sage200
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Get more out of your technology investments.

How can BCN support you with data & AI support?

Our data specialists are leaders in the field and have up-to-the-minute knowledge of novel technologies, approaches, and best practices. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Data and AI, BCN have the Microsoft seal of approval as an expert in the field. Here are 3 reasons why you might want to consider BCN for your next data project:

  • Leading Experts

    Our experts have developed pioneering solutions for our customers, ranging from data warehouses for our NHS customers, to Power BI solutions that have streamlined our commercial customers operations.

  • Specialist Knowledge

    Our developers have specialist knowledge of data and analytics and are kept up to date with the latest developments from Microsoft. Leveraging our extensive experience, we get to the heart of our customers’ challenges and integrate their solutions with their environment.

  • Microsoft Solutions Partner

    Don’t just take our word for it. BCN has been recognised by Microsoft for our capabilities, highlighting our commitment to delivering leading solutions from Microsoft’s Data and AI technology ecosystem. An achievement few MSPs across the UK can shout about.

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