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Microsoft Automation, AI and Copilot

Transform your workplace with AI, augment your workforce with Microsoft Copilot.

The Next Wave

Artificial Intelligence is the next wave in cloud computing technology, and it's here to transform the way every organisation operates. Together, Microsoft and OpenAI are leading the way, and BCN is uniquely placed to help you leverage and maximise the value of AI technology.

Microsoft 365 Copilot

What is Microsoft 365 Copilot?

Microsoft 365 Copilot is an AI-powered collaborative tool that is going to revolutionise the way organisations operate by augmenting the productivity of employees across functions. 

365 Copilot combines the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) with your data in the Microsoft Graph, and seamlessly integrates across all Microsoft 365 applications, turning your words into the most powerful productivity tool on the planet. Unleashing creativity, unlocking productivity, and driving transformative outcomes.  

Microsoft Automation, AI and Copilot

Our Microsoft Copilot and AI Services and Solutions

  • Copilot Readiness Assessment down
  • Copilot Readiness Assessment

    The Copilot Readiness Assessment prepares your business for AI through workshops, data audits, strategy planning, and deployment guidance.

  • Large Language Model Integration down
  • Large Language Model Integration

    We’re here to help you navigate through the possibilities and advantages that LLMs can offer, while avoiding the pitfalls. 

  • AI Kickstarters down
  • AI Kickstarters

    Take your AI journey to the next level with BCN’s AI Kickstarters; short, packaged projects, designed to ignite your AI journey.

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Driving Positive disruptive change

Business benefits of AI and Microsoft Copilot

AI has reached a level where it can be leveraged for multiple real-world use-cases and is rapidly developing; disrupting every industry in some way.

If it hasn’t already, AI promises to disrupt your business in some way in the near future. When used thoughtfully and ethically, AI has the potential to bring about significant benefits to businesses and the people that work within them. There are several ways this might happen, including:

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  • Automating menial tasks

    Nobody likes doing mundane, repetitive tasks. Using AI powered technoogy, users will be able to tell a Copilot what they want to do and the copilot will complete the task.

    For example, imagine having an Excel master working alongside you at all times – Microsoft 365 Copilot will provide that directly in the App!


  • More efficient meetings

    Teams meetings have become a central component of modern organisations. Microsoft Teams Copilot can help record notes, generate summaries and actions, and analyse sentiment in Teams to ensure meetings are help efficiently, and nobody misses out of any information.

    Users can ask Microsoft 365 Copilot questions about what has gone previously if they join late, see a summary for a full meeting if they can’t make it, and have actions added to their task list if they’ve been assigned. Essentially, Copilot for Teams will be a huge timesaver for any Teams centric business.

  • Generating content

    Generative AI enables users who create content to automatically generate contextual content from natural language prompts. This gives them a first draft to augment, or simply ideas to use to create complex content in a shorter amount of time.

    Most product descriptions, sales pitches, and other documents are likely to be created in this way soon as content creators agument their roles.

  • Providing enhanced data insights

    Businesses can leverage AI models to drive enhanced insights from vast data sources with reduced manual intervention. Specially trained models can process data much faster than a human can, driving unique insights quickly.

    Business users will be able to leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) to ask plain language questions to interrogate large data sets without needing data science skills. 

  • Recognising patterns and making predictions

    AI is adept at recognising patterns in data. This means it can help predict and forecast what is going to happen in the future based on what has already gone beforehappened.

    Imagine being able to process the data being generated by a machine and predict that a failure is about to happen – it would enable you to act preemptively, avoiding any issues and saving your business money. 

  • Detecting anomalies

    As with pattern recognition, AI can spot anomalies and outliers in data that can be highlighted for futher investigation. If patterns have been defined in data that is generated, anything that AI identifies as looking significantly different can be flagged up for human investigation.

    Security vendors use this technology to identify strange logins from users or unusual activity, allowing them to act swiftly without human intervention to reduce risk.


How can BCN help you prepare for harnessing AI?  

Microsoft Copilot leverages Large Language Models that interact with your organisations data. By design M365 Copilot respects user-specific permissions to any content it receives and what you, the user, explicitly have permissions to access. It is therefore key that your information and data is ready for search. For many businesses, content oversharing, incorrect permissions, and data governance can be a challenge. BCN are here to help. 

Whether you’re looking for Copilots to assist with everyday work, or complex custom OpenAI models to disrupt your industry, BCN is here to support you on your AI journey. 

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BCN have a range of capabilities to help you prepare for AI / Copilot

  • Identify data access sprawl in SharePoint by auditing your SharePoint permissions

  • Govern your data access by implementing strong permission models, and regularly reviewing them for efficacy

  • Build secure SharePoint sites with comprehensive permission models

  • Assign Sensitivity Labels to documents to limit access to confidential information

  • Implement Data Loss Prevention policies

  • Apply Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps File Policies

M365 Copilot Whitepaper

The Microsoft 365 Copilot Strategy Guide

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer exclusive to corporate giants. Thanks to Microsoft and Open AI’s collaboration, AI is now accessible to all, driving mass consumer adoption.

At BCN, we lead in AI services for organisations of all sizes, enhancing Microsoft Copilot’s potential. Whether you’re a Microsoft 365 user considering Copilot or exploring AI, our whitepaper advocates embracing AI’s transformative power in your organisation.

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  • Supercharge Your Productivity with AI and Microsoft 365 Copilot!

    Establishing a solid foundation is critical for integrating and adopting AI technology and Microsoft Copilot.

    Explore how our comprehensive suite of services can assist your organisation in harnessing cutting-edge AI solutions with ease and security.

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BCN's Approach

How we approach AI

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, BCN offers a comprehensive approach to help your organisation harness its potential. This journey consists of three distinct phases: Prepare, Deploy and Extend, and Customise.

Each phase is designed to empower your business with AI capabilities tailored to your unique needs and objectives. Let’s delve into these phases to understand how BCN can guide you towards AI success.

Find out more about our approach down
  • Prepare

    Get your organisation AI-ready by focusing on data management as the crucial first step. Ensure data is properly placed and follow strong data foundations like permission models and sensitive data classification. BCN can help you prepare for AI's impact while minimizing risks.

  • Deploy and Extend

    After preparation you are ready to deploy your first AI capability, often a tool like M365 Copilot. User training and awareness are crucial for successful enablement. BCN assists in smooth deployment with skills like 'prompt engineering' and best practices. Extend tool capabilities through Microsoft's Copilot ecosystem and Power Platform. BCN can develop missing functions for added business value.

  • Customise

    As your organization evolves, customisation of AI becomes essential. BCN can harness OpenAI and Microsoft's AI resources to create industry-specific apps and solutions for your unique business needs. Whether enhancing existing capabilities or building new ones, BCN offers full-stack development and AI expertise to integrate and elevate your business.

Why work with us?

Why choose BCN for AI?

BCN is uniquely placed to provide AI capabilities across your business. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud, our relationship with Microsoft gives us access to its plethora of capabilities and novel technology. What is more, our Power Platform and Full-Stack development teams are skilled in extending the value of these technologies for you.  

Whether you’re looking to maximise off-the-shelf capabilities like M365 Copilot or Bing Chat for Enterprise, or are looking for something more custom-built using OpenAI’s LLMs or Azure Cognitive Services, BCN is here to help. 

Discover the difference Microsoft Copilot could bring to your business.

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Frequently asked questions


  • What is Artificial Intelligence?

    Artifical Intelligence is the use of technology to process and understand vast data structures without human interaction. It was designed to mimic and enhance human intelligence by learning and evolving through complex data models called Neural Networks.

    AI is advancing at a rapid pace and becoming more mainstream in its use. ChatGPT led the way, and Microsoft and OpenAI are carrying it forward. Soon AI will be embedded in our daily lives, and maximising the value it can bring will be key to growing your business.