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Managed Defender for Endpoint

Threats from cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated for every business. BCN Managed Defender for Endpoint will guarantee the resilience you need to keep your company working safely with confidence.

Managed Defender for Endpoint

Managed Defender for Endpoint involves protecting every device on your network from cyber threats. Our skilled team implements and maintains industry-leading tools to strengthen your defences against crippling data breaches.


Why is endpoint security important?

The constant evolution of modern working means there are now more and more devices for end users to work from. Servers, desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones are all connected to your organisation’s network and data to enable the performance of vital tasks throughout the company.

Without Managed Defender for Endpoint, this can easily lead to enhanced vulnerability from cyber criminal activity that can seriously compromise your critical business operations.

  • 98%

    Backing Up the Basics

    “98% of cyber security attacks can be prevented through basic security hygiene & keeping systems up to date.” - Microsoft Digital Defence Report 2022

  • 40%

    Familiar Threats

    40% of ransomware incidents begin through email. It’s essential to have complete endpoint protection for email services across every user.

  • 39s

    Security Around the Clock

    Every 39 seconds a cyber-attack is attempted on a business. Let’s make sure you’re not a successful target.

Reducing Risk Through Guidance

BCN employs Microsoft Defender for Endpoint as the foundation to build all our managed endpoint security solutions from. As the market leading endpoint protection software, it offers unrivalled adaptability and performance for businesses across every space and industry. However, getting the most vigilance from this tool requires constant and dedicated expertise. We optimise the benefits of Defender for Endpoint through regular, planned reviews, rapid response to identified threats and a managed approach to the ever-changing policies and features required for maximum business protection.

Our Managed Defender for Endpoint process

How BCN Managed Defender for Endpoint Works

  • Implementation

    Our best practice setup optimises the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint toolset for your specific requirements. This will seamlessly integrate your endpoint protection with any existing security applications and replace basic antivirus cover for all devices.

  • Enhanced Endpoint Detection & Response

    A rapid response is key. Any compromised device is isolated as soon as a threat is detected. This service is processed automatically and is ready to be engaged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Incident Alert

    Stay informed at every step. As soon as Defender for Endpoint identifies an incident, an alert is sent to BCN for processing. We gather insight on the nature of the threat and escalate it to the appropriate next step.

  • Investigation & Remediation

    Work intelligently, fix quickly. Our expert knowledge, experience & capability in cyber security responses allows us to conduct a thorough incident investigation. The results are processed to automatically begin any remedial work where necessary.

  • Reporting & Insight

    Understanding risk means access to constant insight. Using the reporting capability in Microsoft Power BI, the BCN team will visualise risks and vulnerabilities across your entire environment. Any critical & exploitable issues will be highlighted immediately.

  • Reviews & Management

    Coordinate your defences with confidence. BCN regularly reviews the overall security environment to provide in depth recommendations and guidance. Maintaining and implementing any policy changes to Defender for Endpoint guarantees you’re getting the most from its features.

Looking for Complete Protection from Cyber Threats?

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Our Managed Defender for Endpoint process

The Business Benefits of Managed Defender for Endpoint

The threat to business continuity from cybercriminal activity poses the biggest risk of all for companies in the modern working environment. Effective managed endpoint protection from BCN mitigates this risk whilst simultaneously delivering additional benefits for positive impacts on growth and success.

  • Cost

    Consolidation Drives Savings

    The use of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint as part of our managed endpoint security solution leverages the power of existing Office 365 subscriptions. There’s no requirement for costly additional third-party security licenses as this tool is already paid for as part of your package. BCN will configure, optimise, develop and maintain everything for you through expert advice and trusted services.

  • Reputation

    Prevention is Always Better Than Cure.

    Successful data breaches and cyber-attacks can have a devastating effect on how a business is perceived. The integrity of your services is built on the value of trust between you, your customers and your suppliers. Regaining that trust after your security has been compromised can be an incredibly difficult challenge. Managed Defender for Endpoint is the most effective way of preventing any of that damage initially occurring.

  • Remote

    Security for the New Working World.

    The last few years have accelerated dynamic new patterns in hybrid and remote working for almost every industry. This has posed significant problems for IT teams, particularly when considering threat protection. Managed Defender for Endpoint not only provides the peace of mind from device cover, but it also ensures that all patches, updates and policy changes are implemented professionally and continuously for every user on your network.


Why choose BCN for Managed Defender for Endpoint?

Choosing a technology partner to help you navigate through the landscape of cyber security can be difficult. BCN has worked hard to develop our trusted reputation through a combination of accreditation, knowledge, and most importantly, excellent customer service.

With Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation from IASME we can assess and certify customers in Cyber Essentials ourselves. We also hold compliance with ISO 27001 & ISO 9001.

Our experience of Managed Defender for Endpoint for thousands of endpoints is augmented by a continued investment into the skills and certification required for maximum cyber protection.

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