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Cyber Security

Essential cyber security services for organisations across sectors, offering proactive protection of data, applications, and infrastructure from evolving cyber security threats and internal vulnerabilities.

The Challenge

Cyber and information security have become key challenges for private businesses and public sector organisations - costs in reputational damage, financial losses, theft of confidential data, and operational constraints to name a few. The challenges require multifaceted solutions that take a broad approach to information security management.

Closing the door

How should you approach cyber security?

With the right strategy, organisations can protect themselves from the harms of cyber-attacks. However, the strategy must be broad, including a set of internal and external initiatives that consider the full picture.

BCN offer leading managed cyber security services, as well as solutions that take into account the full picture of a business’s vulnerability landscape. We believe that every organisations digital transformation and security journey must begin with Cyber Essentials certification.

Our Solutions

BCN’s Cyber Security Solutions and Services

  • Cyber Essentials down
  • Cyber Essentials

    As a Cyber Essentials Certification Body, BCN helps businesses establish a strong foundation for cyber and information security. Our professionals will assess your environment with our “readiness check” to ensure it meets the necessary controls, then accredit your business with a 12-month Cyber Essentials certificate.

  • Managed Defender for Endpoint down
  • Managed Defender for Endpoint

    Endpoints are often the entry point for cyber-attacks. BCN’s Managed Defender for Endpoint protect your devices, including laptops, desktops, and mobile devices, from malware, ransomware, and other threats. With advanced threat detection and prevention, we ensure that your endpoints remain secure, even in remote working environments.

  • Network Security down
  • Network Security

    Networks are the backbone of modern businesses and securing them is critical. BCN’s network security solutions encompass firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, virtual private networks (VPNs), and more. We design and implement robust network security architectures to safeguard your data and prevent unathorised access.

  • Managed Extended Detection and Response down
  • Managed Extended Detection and Response

    Managed Extended Detection & Response is an advanced cyber security service that combines two essential elements of cyber threat monitoring and incident response.

  • Intune Managed Service down
  • Intune Managed Service

    As organisations embrace modern work principles such as remote working and “bring your own device” it is crucial to manage the devices of employees in a modern way. BCN’s comprehensive mobile device management solution empowers workforce mobility and enhances productivity, without compromising on security.

Advanced Solutions

Advanced Cyber Security Solutions

In addition to our core cyber security services, BCN offer a range of other solutions to enhance your overall security posture.

  • Firewall Security

    Protect your networks and your business-critical data from unauthorised access and malicious traffic with BCN’s next-gen firewall solutions.

    Firewall Security right
  • Security Audit

    Identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your systems and processes through a comprehensive security audit, carried out by our experienced professionals.

    Security Audit right
  • Vulnerability Management as a Service

    Proactive detection and evaluation of vulnerabilities in your IT environment, designed to safeguard your business's infrastructure.

    Vulnerability Management as a Service right
  • Email & DNS Security

    Safeguard your email communication and domain naming system (DNS) against phishing, malware, DdoS, and other email threats.

    Email & DNS Security right
  • Penetration Testing

    Assess the effectiveness of your IT environment’s security with our penetration testing service, a controlled form of hacking to find and test system vulnerabilities.

    Penetration Testing right
  • Security Awareness

    Using the industry leading KnowBe4 security awareness platform, BCN will deliver regular phishing campaigns and targeted training to employees within your business.

    Security Awareness right

Our approach

BCN’s Approach to Cyber Security

We believe that organisations should approach cyber security in a strategic, phased way to ensure that the correct controls are implemented across your infrastructure and environment.

Whether you are an SMB or an Enterprise, your cyber security journey should cover the following core themes. This all starts with Cyber Essentials certification, which then leads to more targeted, sophisticated solutions that strengthen specific areas of your business’s security posture.

Learn about BCN’s Cyber Security Journey

  • Identify

    Develop an organisational understanding to manage cyber security risk to systems, people, assets, data, and capabilities. Understanding the context, resources, and related risks enables focus and prioritisation, consistent with risk management and your business needs.

  • Protect

    Develop and implement appropriate safeguards to ensure delivery of critical services. This supports the ability to limit or contain the impact of a potential cyber security event, examples of services include Identity management, awareness and training and protective tech.

  • Detect

    Develop and implement appropriate activity to identify the occurrence of a cyber security event, ensuring the timely discovery of a cyber security event. Specific categories include, Anomalies and Events, Security Continuous Monitoring, and Detection Processes.

  • Respond

    Develop and implement appropriate activities to take action regarding a detected cyber security event. The Respond function supports the ability to contain the impact of potential cyber security incidents, including Response Planning, Communications, mitigations, and improvements.

  • Recover

    Develop and implement appropriate activities to maintain plans for resilience and to restore any capabilities or services that were impaired due to a cyber security incident. The Recover function supports timely recovery to normal operations to reduce the impact from a cyber security incident.

BCN’s Cyber Security Pledge

With businesses becoming increasingly connected, the global cyber threat impacts us all.

At BCN, that means helping to ensure all our customers have the basic cyber security best practices in place. That’s why we’ve created our Cyber Security Pledge.

Cyber Security Services

Benefits of cyber security

As the world becomes increasingly technological dependent, and as cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, having a cyber security strategy is more important than ever. From protecting your business and customer data, to saving your business’s reputation and bottom line, there are substantial benefits to investing in a future-proofed cyber security strategy.

  • Protect your business and data

    Cyber security services exist to protect your critical business and client data. You are entrusted to protect your customers’ sensitive information as well as your own. What’s more, regulations like GDPR make it mandatory to remain cyber-compliant. BCN’s experts will ensure your cyber security strategy is effective as well as compliant to industry regulations.

  • Improve sector and staff awareness

    By having a cyber security policy in place, you can educate your staff on what measures you have implemented, how they are working and offer insight to other businesses. Kickstart your cyber security journey today and join the conversation around cyber security management within your industry.

  • Public Trust and contracts

    Give your clients and customers reassurance that you are using their data and personal information professionally and securely. For businesses who work on a contract basis, having a cyber security strategy in place could help you win those contracts.

  • Save money

    Having the correct procedures, defences, and tools in place will not only help prevent attacks and breaches but will fundamentally protect your bottom line. Avoid being subject to preventable, costly damages by ensuring you have basic cyber security measures in place.

Customer Success Stories

See how we’ve helped transform businesses like yours

View our customer stories down

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Pendle Education Trust

Shortly after working as a support role for Pendle’s internal IT team, covid-19 and lockdown hit. The trust required advice and support in helping them modernise their infrastructure, and rapidly adopt cloud-based communication and collaboration software to enable them to work remotely, delvering lessons and resources online.

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  • Cyber Security
  • Education
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams

P&B Foods

Due to an ineffective disaster recovery plan, P&B Foods suffered an unsophisticated malware attack, highlighting the need to transition to a new IT provider. BCN developed a clear strategy to accelerate their digital transformation, giving P&B the confidence they needed to plan for organic growth and make future strategic acquisitions.

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  • Cyber Security
  • Food Wholesale
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • RingCentral
  • Sage200

Staffordshire Police

Staffordshire Police had been using IBM’s Lotus notes for email and applications. This was a legacy technology that needed urgent replacement for over 4,500 users. BCN planned and implemented migration to Microsoft Exchange, supported by Azure private cloud, for a much more modern and secure solution.

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  • Azure
  • Public Sector

Fairway Travel

Fairway Travel needed to upgrade and futureproof their IT servers and systems to keep files and data securely backed up. BCN provided an Azure cloud-based platform that makes it easier for remote users to access the Remote Desktop Gateway faster and more securely.

View Case Study right
  • Azure
  • IT Support Services
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Travel and leisure

EU Crimario

The EU Crimario project, funded by the European Union, aims to strengthen maritime safety and security in the wider Indian Ocean region. BCN developed IORIS for EU Crimario, a web-based information sharing and incident management platform built on the .NET framework.

View Case Study right
  • .Net
  • Maritime Trade

Garic Ltd

Garic needed an IT partner who could provide strategic guidance and full-service solutions as their requirements evolved and their business grew. Initially engaging in remote support and migrating to M365 for their 270 users, BCN later took responsibility for a broader IT remit, including professional services projects, cyber security implementation and a network refresh.

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  • Industrial Services
  • IT Support Services
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Sage200
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Why bcn

What can BCN offer your business?

BCN’s inustry-standard NIST approach to cyber security ensures that our customers are provided with the best solutions and services for their business, ensuring optimal outcomes are consistently delivered. Our industry-accredited experts and partnerships with leading providers enable our team to deliver leading insights into the best available services for your business.

If you want flexible, holistic, and robust cyber security protection, BCN has the solutions for you.

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    Customers supported every day

    We are the ongoing partners with over 1200 businesses across the UK and abroad, trusted to deliver leading IT support and digital transformation solutions for all aspects of their operations.

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    Accredited staff

    Our growing team of IT experts are leaders in the field and have the accreditations and exams to prove it.

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    Customer retention rate

    Our growing team of IT experts are leaders in the field and have the accreditations and exams to prove it.

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