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Managed IT Support Services

While you're busy making your business the best it can be, depend on us for the rest. BCN offer the full spectrum of Managed IT Support services that focus on your customer experiences and deliver real value to your users.

Managed IT Support

Easy access to business-critical services is commonplace, but providing the assurance of the availability of these services is not as often so. Managed IT support ensures expert IT maintenance, smooth business operations, enhanced security and prompt problem resolution.

What is Managed IT Support?

Managed IT support is the outsourcing of technical assistance and maintenance tasks to a managed IT provider. The provider will oversee network infrastructure, cyber security, software updates, and have a dedicated support team to remediate disruptions.

By outsourcing to a trusted provider, businesses can leverage expertise, access to the latest technologies, reduce IT costs, improve system reliability and security, and free up internal resource to focus on core business activities.  Managed IT support services provide comprehensive support to meet the specific needs of a business, regardless of size or sector.

Managed IT Support Services

Why is Managed IT Support important?

Over the last decade the evolution of technology and our dependency on it, even for basic tasks, have exponentially increased, but the impact from a lack of access or disruption to the service has not necessarily been given the same attention. Easy access to business-critical services is commonplace, but providing the assurance of the availability or use of these services is not as often so.

BCN’s managed IT support services focus on creating seamless customer experiences and delivering value to a business’s users. As well as providing business-critical services, applications and functions we wrap a managed service around these to ensure in the event of failure or issue we are available to manage, mitigate and resolve so that disruption is minimised.

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    Round the clock expertise

    Our team of skilled professionals have expertise across the technology stack a business needs to operate. Keeping up to data with the latest tech, trends, and best practice, we ensure our customers receive top-notch support, guidance and remediation when needed, around the clock.

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    Close the door to cybercriminals

    The threat landscape is constantly evolving and businesses need robust measures to protect their data and systems from bad actors. Our Managed IT support services ensures that leading security measures for all aspects of your environment are in correctly installed, patched, and work effectively.

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    Saving your bottom line

    It’s no secret that maintaining an internal IT department can be expensive. With BCN’s Managed IT Support you get a cost-effective solution with scalable services tailored to your needs, eliminating the need for a developed IT team whilst giving you access to a range of services and top-notch security.

Explore BCN Services

Explore BCN’s Managed IT Support Services

By choosing our fully managed IT support service we will oversee every aspect of your IT infrastructure, from technical support to end-user management. We have carefully crafted our service offering to provide solutions that help businesses evolve how they work now and in the future. What’s more, if you already have an existing in-house IT team, you can make use of our partnership packages to ensure you escalate problems as and when they arise.

  • IT support and helpdesk

    We’re an extension of your team.

    Our IT Support Technicians act as an extension of your team and are always available to offer help. We understand that your business is unique and has different needs. Therefore, we work to a ‘support by design’ policy, building a flexible service that fits your requirements. We will assign your service to one of our support pods, consisting of technical engineers who understand your service requirements and know your IT environment in detail.

  • Out-of-hours IT support

    Here to offer you round the clock support.

    Your IT services don’t just run from 9 – 5:30, Monday to Friday. As such, in our technological dependant world, you must have access to IT support services at any time, on any device, from any location.

    Our out of hours IT service support gives businesses peace of mind that we’ll swiftly act upon any critical issues arising for users or infrastructure.

  • Microsoft 365

    A modern workplace of support services.

    Collaborate in the cloud with Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint and other Office apps. BCN Group provide licences, integration, rollout and support of your new modern workplace solutions from the Microsoft 365 suite of apps, helping you to move away from outdated legacy systems.

  • Server and infrastructure management

    Server outages can have a detrimental impact on a business, so you must resolve issues quickly.

    Our server management service offers assurance for your entire IT environment, including any Operating Systems (virtual and physical), and networking infrastructure. We take responsibility for ensuring these devices operate as expected. Our remote IT support monitoring system will alert us if issues arise, allowing our specialists to react and address the problem quickly.

  • Managed security and network

    Best practice security standards.

    Keeping your infrastructure secure while mitigating against any potential issues is crucial to maintaining your business operations. As part of our managed IT security service, our Service Continuity (SOC) and Network Operations Centre (NOC) teams implement industry best practice security standards, monitor for security alerts, react and respond to threats ahead of breach or failure.

  • IT consultancy

    Aligned strategic consulting services.

    Our IT consultancy and advisory service aligns with your IT business strategy to develop flexible, scalable technology to suit your needs. You should be able to operate with the confidence that your IT builds transformation and innovation.


What to expect with BCN’s IT support

At BCN, we pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality service possible. We do this by getting to know your business inside out. This is so our dedicated teams can offer actionable strategic advice on which support package is best suited to your needs, so you don’t have to overpay for features you don’t use or use a package that’s simply too limited for a business like yours.

  • Strategic IT roadmap

  • Access to a dedicated Account Manager

  • 24/7 support

  • Onboarding assessment

  • Detailed reporting and dashboards

  • Regular review meetings

  • IT ticket reporting

  • Continuous reviews of your IT environment

Who've we worked with

BCN are trusted to deliver solutions for customers across a range of sectors and geographies. We are proud to work alongside some of the leading organisations in the public and private sectors.

Managed IT Support Services

Why choose BCN for IT Support?

At BCN, we focus on understanding your business challenges, and tailoring unique service capabilities to each objective. We are committed to optimising data and delivering productivity gains for every business.

Getting to know your business is a crucial first step in offering the best possible support. We’ll complete an audit of your existing environments to ensure that if a problem arises, we know how to provide a resolution quickly and efficiently.

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  • 1200+


    Our customers place their business and it’s security with our expert teams, who consistently deliver leading services that optimise and secure their environments.

  • 400+

    Accredited staff

    Our growing team of accredited staff are technically skilled and offer leading support services to our customers.

  • 98%

    Customer retention rate

    Due to the quality of our managed IT support services, when our customers start working with BCN, that partnership continues long into the future.

Managed IT Services FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the term Infrastructure cover?

    Infrastructure is anything related to Cloud services, servers, opearting systems, switches, routers and firewalls, typically the environment and systems that run your business systems.

  • What is infrastructure management?

    Infrastructure management refers to the reactive support and proactive monitoring and management of a business’s infrastructure.

  • What is infrastructure escalation?

    Infrastructure escalation is reactive only support. A managed service provider will take calls from your IT staff where they are unable to resolve an issue.

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