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Process variation monitoring for healthcare organisations

EasySPC is a Microsoft certified Power BI custom visual that enables you to create Statistical Process Control (SPC) Charts using your own data.

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All the industry standard Statistical Process Control (SPC) run and control charts designed in an easy-to-understand and use format. EasySPC is a Simple, Powerful, and Compliant solution for healthcare data and informatics teams.

What is EasySPC?

Designed by healthcare professionals, optimised for process-driven environments

EasySPC from BCN helps organisations use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to monitor process variation and act quickly to identify any potential bottlenecks in processes or operational activities.

Developed in line with IHI (Institute for Healthcare Improvement) guidelines for all healthcare environments to ensure best practice, and with options to use NHSI Making Data Count icons.

Benefits of EASYSPC

Statistical Process Control doesn’t need to be complicated

  • IHI aligned

    EasySPC is developed in line and is aligned with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement SPC rules.

  • Save time and resources

    EasySPC will reduce technical resource requirements by automating the recalculation process.

  • Access to all

    Enables business users to easily and quickly set/ reset baselines.

  • In-built analytics

    'Near real-time' data analysis to support forward planning.

  • Unlimited charts

    Create an unlimited number of SPC charts and create control charts for all levels across an organisational structure.

  • Optimised UI design

    Giving users easy access to the top 6 features and simple limit recalculation.


Deploying EasySPC at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

With a passion for improvement – of child health and delivery of care – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has employed groundbreaking research, relentless innovation and much compassion to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients and their families.

Click the link to hear from Sherry Colliatie, Director of Data Management and Visualisation, as she explains how EasySPC enables full performance transparency across the entire site.

Features of EasySPC

Real time reporting for boardroom insights

Partnering with the East London NHS Foundation Trust, our experts have developed EasySPC to address the unique challenges that healthcare organisations face. Everything about our solution has been designed with the healthcare end-user and report creators in mind.

If your organisation needs SPC Charts to produce board reports or operational reports, EasySPC is the only tool on the market that enables you to easily achieve this. EasySPC allows you to be flexible with your charts and achieve real-time reporting.

All the features you need:

  • Create Run, C, U, U’, P, P’, T, G, XmR, XbarS charts

  • Intelligent, guided chart selection wizard, so you know which chart to use

  • Easy-to-use menus, a click away. Support setting and resetting baselines, recalculating limits, annotations, target lines

  • Automatic highlights of non-random and special cause variation

  • Toggle sigma 1 and 2 on or off

  • Add icons for the desired direction of travel and MDC (Making Data Count)

  • Up-to 100 customisable setting to create your own EasySPC templates

  • Exportable to PDF and PowerPoint

EasySPC Stories

Hear from our NHS and international customers about their experience using our healthcare Data & Analytics Power BI solution, EasySPC.

Product listing

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Microsoft App Source

Microsoft AppSource is the premier destination to market and distribute applications. View the EasySPC product listing on AppSource now for a full breakdown of EasySPC’s features and benefits.

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EasySPC Spotlight

BCN's latest innovation, EasySPC Spotlight, provides a single overview of performance across multiple indicators

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Customer success stories

See how EasySPC has transformed healthcare organisations like yours

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Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Alder Hey and Liverpool Heart and Chest NHS Trust needed to roll out Power BI across the joint analytics team. Our solution helped key stakeholders utilise and adopt Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts much more easily and efficiently for their monthly Integrated Performance Reports.

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  • EasySPC
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  • Power BI

East London NHS Foundation Trust

East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) is renowned across the UK’s public health sector as a pioneer of continuous quality improvement. ELFT now uses SPC Charts to provide its teams with intelligent insights in near real-time to support the prediction of future trends, the identification of variations and data-informed decision-making.

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  • Healthcare
  • Power BI

Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Connecting multiple data sources and transforming the way their performance data is collected, presented, disseminated, and analysed, BCN harnessed Power BI to link the Trust’s data sources and create near real-time data visualisations for 250,000 outpatient appointments.

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    Download a free version from Microsoft AppSource

    Ready to get started today? Our free version allows you to explore EasySPC and see how easy creating a chart is.

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EasySPC Frequently Asked Questions

Our EasySPC expert team answer some of the most frequently asked questions on SPC and EasySPC. Got another question? We’re here to help.

  • What is Statistical Process Control?

    Statistical Process Control is the use of analytical tools that plot data over time to help users visualise variations in their data. Understanding these variations helps guide decision makers to take the best course of action to standardise their data.

  • What makes SPC effective?

    SPC process improvement is effective because it enables users to easily see whether or not an implemented change has resulted in improvements. By employing SPC software rules to data, users are able to tailor SPC charts to the specific process they are measuring.

  • Can my business use SPC?

    SPC has been implemented across numerous service oriented industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and public services. However, any organisation that uses repetitive processes would be appropriate for implementing SPC software. So long as you have measurable products or processes, SPC can be applied.


  • What is the difference between common and special cause variation?

    Common cause variation are causes that are inherent in a system over time. Common cause variation falls within the control limit (within the UCL and LCL) of a control chart, and shows a process is stable over time.

    Special cause variation are causes that are not part of the process or product methods, but arise due to specific circumstances. Special cause variation are the assignable causes of variation in a process and the focus of process improvement.


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