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Digital transformation is now a strategic imperative for banking, insurance and financial services companies. BCN work to ensure that financial service organisations successfully adopt and utilise modern technology.

IT Support for Financial Services

We offer leading infrastructure and cloud solutions, robust cyber security, intelligent data services and bespoke application development designed to transform the way in which the financial services organisations operate.

About BCN Financial Services

As technology and the financial services industry become more integrated, it is crucial that you ensure your business is staying ahead of the curve.

The financial services industry requires IT services that prioritise security, assist with compliance, and facilitate the ability to scale. Whether you need to digitally transform your business, secure confidential data, or more effectively collect and analyse data, BCN Group have the knowledge and expertise to meet your needs.


Technology challenges for the Financial Services sector

The financial services sector is at a crossroads. Organisations are re-evaluating approaches to align people and processes, standardise and analyse data for actionable insights, and manage the disruptions and challenges caused from recent global events.
Whilst these challenges persist, there are significant opportunities for financial service organisations to enhance their operational capabilities through IT solutions and digital strategies. BCN specialise in addressing the following challenges faced by financial services organisations.

  • Digital Transformation

    To stay competitive, financial service organisations need to be adaptive to the ever-changing technological landscape. Whether it’s implementing new systems and processes or ensuring that current systems are configured to your business's needs, it is a costly and time-consuming process. Trust your business with BCN’s leading transformational services and solutions.

  • Data Security and Privacy

    Cyber-crime is on the rise and getting more sophisticated. As the amount of sensitive client data that is collected, processed, and stored increases, cybersecurity risks also rise. At BCN, we believe in proactively incorporating cyber risk management into all our customer environments. Find out how we will prioritise cyber and data security to protect your clients, your business, and your reputations.

  • Implementation and Integration

    Outdated legacy systems are slow, unreliable, difficult to maintain and pose risks to a business’s cyber resilience. Updating your IT infrastructure doesn’t have to be complex and costly. Our specialists will work with your operational and technical teams to understand what the right solutions looks like for you.

  • Internal Resource

    Instead of competing for expensive talent to manage and implement your IT environment, why not let us, the experts, look after your environment for you? BCN ensures that disruption is kept to a minimum and that all our customers maximising on their investments, no matter how small or big.

Our Financial Services IT Experts

Been there, done IT.

Here at BCN, we understand the importance of keeping client data safe, advising, implementing and managing the right solutions as well as keeping up to date with the latest technologies. Our experts have worked with businesses across the financial services sector, so we know your challenges and the opportunities they present.

Get in touch to find out more about our end-to-end capabilities that will enable you to focus on providing leading client services.

Featured Solutions

Better insights, better services.

Explore our range of innovative IT solutions.

  • Cloud and Infrastructure

    Managed, process, store and analyse your data more effectively to deliver better customer experiences, improve employee productivity, and strengthen security and compliance. BCN’s comprehensive infrastructure and cloud services will get your business to where it needs to be at pace and within budget.

    Cloud and Infrastructure right
  • Power Platform

    Microsoft’s Power Platform offers a suite of “Low-Code” tools that spans Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365 as well as other standalone products. Make informed, confident business decisions by putting data-driven insights first with Power BI. Transform static data into interactive visuals and extract business intelligence for enhanced insights.

    Power Platform right
  • Cyber Security

    Cyber-crime isn’t going anywhere, and the financial services industry is no stranger to its threat. From fully-managed cyber and network security monitoring, to end security audits and assessments, and end-user education and training. Protect your data with BCN’s range of cyber security solutions.

    Cyber Security right
  • Managed Services

    Unlock your productivity and collaborative potential with BCN’s suite of Microsoft Modern workplace tools. Our solutions cover Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Teams, and much more to allow you to work anywhere, on any device.

    Managed Services right

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Our technology solutions

BCN’s Comprehensive range of technology solutions.

We are passionate about maximising efficiencies, giving answers to your questions, and providing our customers future proofed environments that are scalable, secure, and agile to the ever-changing technological landscape.

  • Data and Analytics down
  • Data and Analytics

    Unlock the performance of your Trust with BCN’s Data and Analytics services. Find out how you can make more informed decisions, faster so you can spend time on the things that matter most.

  • Explore Business Applications and Development down
  • Explore Business Applications and Development

    Need something custom built? BCN’s deep Microsoft Power Platform and .NET development capabilities will take your ideas and turn them into beautifully designed applications.

  • Explore Cyber Security down
  • Explore Cyber Security

    Cybercrime isn’t going anywhere, and the NHS has long been a prime target for malicious actors. Close the door to cyber criminals with BCN’s holistic security solutions.

  • Explore Infrastructure and Cloud down
  • Explore Infrastructure and Cloud

    The bedrock of the modern IT strategy. Our scalable, adaptable, and secure infrastructure and cloud solutions will give you the platform you need to innovate from.

  • Explore Modern Workplace down
  • Explore Modern Workplace

    Keep your team connected wherever they are located. BCN’s modern workplace solutions deliver consistent, reliable, and secure end-user experiences for your Trust’s users.

  • Explore Managed and Professional Services down
  • Explore Managed and Professional Services

    The umbrella that our solutions fall under. Find out more about our managed and professional services that enable our customers to realise their digital potential.

Financial Services

Why BCN? 3 reasons to choose BCN for your next IT project.

BCN’s industry-accredited experts are here to identify where your digital processes can be made more efficient as well as to transform and modernise the technological capabilities of your organisation.

We will act as a long-term service provider to resolve issues and provide effective, long-term solutions, tailored to your business’s needs. BCN’s financial IT support services will effectively get your business where you need to be.


  • Expertise

    With over 400 industry-accredited experts in digital transformation and technological innovation and having worked with a number of financial services businesses that are FCA and PCI compliant, BCN Group is a highly experienced managed service provider for financial IT support.

  • Range of Services

    At BCN, we aim to be an extension of your business, offering support across a range of IT and Software services. Having already worked with a number of different organisations within the industry, our strong track record pays testament to the reliance and trust our clients have placed with our IT support for financial services.

  • Consultative Approach

    BCN prides itself as being a trusted adviser, with a focus particularly on what the best interests are for you, our business partner. Our technical knowledge and advice is accessible and understandable; we will proactively share advice and industry insight where and when your organization needs it.

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