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BCN Industrial

In today's evolving world, technology is revolutionising the industrial manufacturing and construction sector, driving transformative change at every level of operations.

IT Support for the Industrial Sector

We understand the criticality of reliable IT support for businesses in the industrial sector. Our tailored support services ensure seamless operations, prompt issue resolution, and secure data protection through robust backup solutions, meeting the unique needs of our industrial customers.

About BCN Industrial

BCN provides a comprehensive range of managed and professional services across the Microsoft stack. Our expertise spans cloud and infrastructure, cyber security, modern workplace, data, and application development services. We are dedicated to empowering our industrial customers to maximise their potential by implementing the right technology solutions at the right time. 


By partnering with many of the UK’s leading industrial and construction practices, BCN have hands-on experience helping our customers unlock efficiencies, create agile, future proofed IT environments, as well as design modern and secure workplaces. Speak to one of our experts today to find out how we can support your digital transformation journey.  


Unlocking the Potential of Technology in the Industrial Sector. 

There are many challenges faced by industrial practices and technology adoption. Whether its legacy systems and the need for seamless upgrades, connectivity, network infrastructure and reliable services, efficient resources management, or harnessing data for actionable insights; technology has the power to turn those challenges into real business opportunities.  

By leveraging services across business analysis, connectivity, support, and data services, industrial manufacturers and contruction businesses can optimise operations, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions to stay competitive in the market. 

  • Legacy Systems and Infrastructure

    Technology is playing a significant part in our everyday lives and has huge potential to improve how organisations deliver services. BCN enable public sector organisations realise their digital potential, connecting staff, internal process, and the people they provide for through insight-led, user-designed solutions.  

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  • Connectivity and Network Infrastructure

    Having stable and fast connectivity is critical for the modern industrial business to keep on top of operations. Your practices may span large areas and remote locations, presenting challenges for reliable connectivity and network infrastructure. We will work with you to understand your networking and connectivity requirements and provide leading solutions that keep your operations running smoothly, improve performance and enhance productivity. 

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  • Internal Resource

    Instead of competing for expensive talent to manage and implement your IT environment, why not let us, the experts, look after your environment for you? BCN ensures that disruption is kept to a minimum and that all our customers maximising on their investments, no matter how small or big. 

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  • Harnessing data

    Wholesalers generate vast amounts of data and extracting valuable insights from this data is challenging, especially without the right tools and technologies. Leveraging BCN’s data analytics and business intelligence solutions will help you gain actionable insights for enhance decision-making. 

    Explore our data warehousing services 


Digital solutions that unlock efficiencies and stimulate growth

  • Managed IT Support

    While you're busy making your practice the best it can be, depend on us for the rest. BCN offer the full spectrum of Managed IT Support services that focus on your internal experiences and deliver real value to your users.

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  • Managed & Professional Services

    Managed services take away the responsibility of your proactive management of your IT infrastructure, professional services address specific needs. Both services are complementary and make up BCN’s comprehensive range of IT Solutions.

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  • Evo-supply

    Evo-supply from BCN is an evolutionary, fully integrated, and feature-rich business solution for the importation, distribution, and manufacturing industries, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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  • Cyber Security Services

    Essential cyber security services for organisations across sectors, offering proactive protection of data, applications, and infrastructure from evolving cyber security threats and internal vulnerabilities.

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  • Data and Analytics

    Actionable, transformative, strategic. Unlock the true value of your data and build an insight-driven environment that enables your organisation to unlock efficiencies and drive growth.

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  • Modern Workplace

    Embrace modern ways of working and harness modern workplace solutions to keep you ahead of the game. With BCN’s modern workplace solutions, we will create innovative, flexible working environments that empower your employees.

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Been there, done IT

Get in touch to find out more about our capabilities and large-scale managed services that enable you to focus on building your organisation. 

Our end-to-end capabilities, people, and technology partnerships give us an unrivalled ability to get to the heart of your challenges, find out more about the BCN approach we take to our customer engagements.



See how we've helped transform organisations like yours

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Metro Rod

MetroRod needed to migrate from their existing IT provider and needed a provider to help the business review and recreate their entire IT infrastructure, including designing an Azure environment, migrating business systems, replacing core systems and legacy technology among a plethora of other needs. Successfully delivering the project in the time frame, BCN continues to support the business’s digital transformation journey.

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  • .Net
  • Azure
  • Drain care and repair
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint

Garic Ltd

Garic needed an IT partner who could provide strategic guidance and full-service solutions as their requirements evolved and their business grew. Initially engaging in remote support and migrating to M365 for their 270 users, BCN later took responsibility for a broader IT remit, including professional services projects, cyber security implementation and a network refresh.

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  • Industrial Services
  • IT Support Services
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Sage200

Wilfrid Smith

Wilfrid Smith’s managed IT services provider BCN Group offered the senior management a discovery session to look at potential improvements to their legacy environment. This discovery day enabled BCN to recommend the migration to Office 365 and advise of the benefits, capabilities and cost savings it could bring to their organisation.

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  • Azure
  • Industrial Services
  • Microsoft Office 365


RSK approached BCN shortly after they had commissioned an on-premise server, with the objective of delivering a highly available environment. However, experiencing business interruption resulting in high levels of maintenance, we discovered the business was operating on a standard version of Exchange. BCN were asked to provide options which would not only resolve their current issues but would allow for future expansion.

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  • Azure
  • Engineering and technical services
  • Environmental Science
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Research
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