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Azure Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Securely store your business data and applications on the Azure cloud platform.

What is Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service?

Azure Platform as a Service (Azure Paas) allows your IT team to focus their time on developing applications without managing the underlying infrastructure (servers, storage, and networking) and operating systems. With PaaS, Azure manages the physical infrastructure, operating systems, databases, SQL Server, development tools, business intelligence (BI) services, and more.

That means you only need to manage the applications and services, allowing your IT teams to build, design, develop and deploy custom solutions. The obvious benefit is that you don’t have to worry about purchasing, configuring, managing any networks required to deliver the solution.

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS – the difference

IaaS, Paas, and SaaS are different cloud models that allow you to host, build and consume applications on Azure.

SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS

Azure IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service only includes looking after data centres, servers and network management; you retain the responsibility of operating systems, databases, applications, and software. Organisations utilising Azure IaaS require trained people to manage the platforms you develop, such as SQL, Windows & Linux servers, and Visual Studio.NET. This also includes performing backups, installing OS and software patches, and managing security software.

Azure PaaS

Use Platform as a Service (PaaS) Microsoft to have your servers, networks, operating systems, databases, and business analytics managed. Organisations opting for PaaS will still need to manage their data and applications, which requires internal expertise. You don’t, however, have responsibility for managing servers, as Azure take care of this under PaaS.

Azure SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) allows organisations to build and manage software applications, all within Azure. With SaaS, your business uses the Azure portal to manage applications and other tools. Microsoft 365 is an example of a SaaS model.

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