Sage 200

Sage 200 delivers integrated financial management and business processes via cloud-based ERP software.

What is Sage 200?

Sage 200 is the UK’s leading and most powerful business ERP management tool. Unlike other business ERPs, Sage 200 offers 360-degree support, from finances to production, warehousing to sales.

Scalable and flexible, Sage 200 has a modular approach that allows businesses to add new functions and addons when needed. As Sage 200 is cloud-based, users can securely access their environment from any device, anywhere in the world.

Sage 200 is for any business looking for flexible, business-wide ERP software to connect multiple departments via a central software package. Sage 200 is ideal for large enterprises that want to grow further.

What can Sage 200 do?

Manage business finances, reduce late payments

Sage 200 allows you to take control of your business finances by tracking budgets, monitoring invoices, and cash flow. It also allows you to deal with VAT submissions, manage foreign currency trading, and get real-time information via interactive dashboards. Using the power of GoCardless, Stripe PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay, your customers can make payments online quickly and safely.

Manage your supply chain

Sage 200 is more than just a tool for finance teams. Thanks to its modular design, you can control all aspects of your supply chain, including managing stock levels and purchase orders. It’s also possible to efficiently manage your suppliers and quickly generate new accounts and quotes.

Detailed reporting and business intelligence

Sage understands that having the correct information to hand means you can make more accurate decisions. That’s why Sage 200 software allows you to generate and build bespoke reports, analyse critical business information effectively, and drill down into detail for increased insight. You can even integrate third-party reporting solutions, such as Microsoft’s PowerBI.

Keeping your data safe

As your technology partner, we prioritise keeping your business data safe. Sage is one of the UK’s highest security accredited providers and, as such, have the cloud facilities to ensure that only you can access your data.

What are Sage 200’s modules?


The Financial module is the foundation of Sage 200. It allows businesses to control all ledgers – nominal, sales, and purchase – as well as their cash book. You can also track bank accounts and manage both standing orders and direct debits.


The Commercial module in Sage 200 allows businesses to control their stock management and automate customer order deliveries. What’s more, you’ll gain access to our stock control, sales order processing, price book, and purchase order processing modules.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence comprises 16 ready-to-use data cubes for a complete view of your business data. Based on Excel, users can quickly build and update reports from Sage 200.

Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials module helps with stock assembly and costs of processing. This Sage 200 module also assists with breaking down the manufacturing process with materials and labour needed.

Project Accounting

Project Accounting includes allocating revenues and costs against a specific project through the Financial and Commercial modules. You’ll also be able to track income against budget, costing, processes, and record timesheets.


Sage CRM is a standalone software that can integrate into Sage 200. With Sage CRM, you can centralise customers’ and prospects’ information, orders, and touchpoints. As a result, your sales team can secure more opportunities, leading to business growth.

What Sage200 can do for your business

Benefits of using Sage 200



Sage 200 users can get real-time information to make faster decisions both from the office, home, or on the go. You can also easily connect with Microsoft 365, allowing users to source information through Outlook.



In the modern workplace, more people look to work collaboratively on tasks. With Sage 200, users can communicate and work together on real-time projects, sharing information securely whether they are in the same office or different locations.



Sage 200 allows business to transact in different currencies, receive payments faster through online portals, and deal with VAT and tax requirements from HMRC. As such, it’s the perfect partner to managing your finances effectively and securing your data.



Agility is the key for any business, and Sage 200 delivers just that. You can add a wide range of modules into Sage 200 that results in a holistic one-platform view. Modules allow you to dig down into the data you want to see across a range of devices.

How You’ll Benefit From Sage 200

Sage 200 is the perfect solution to help you facilitate and fuel the growth of your business thanks to a bank of useful features. With the guidance of BCN Group, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of benefits, which include…


Your customers can pay you through a range of simple, secure and reliable payment solutions.

Easy Data Access

Whether you’re using a mobile, tablet or laptop, access your data from anywhere when you’re online.

Only Pay For What You Need

Sage 200 is all module-based, so you only get and pay for exactly what you need.

International Trading

Foreign currencies, international customers and exchange rates – it’s all easy to do in Sage 200.

Detailed Reporting

From profits to productivity, drive business success through Sage 200’s business reports and intelligence.

Unbeatable Insights Through Interactive Dashboards

Interactive dashboards give you a comprehensive view of the data you need, whenever and wherever you want.

Why BCN Group for Sage Software

As a leading Sage Business partner with more than 12 years’ support experience, we are committed to delivering Sage excellence. Therefore, we came up with the BCN Group Sage Promise Charter to demonstrate and provide the best solution possible.

Sage thought leaders

As a Sage Strategic Partner we have the knowledge and experience to help you get the most from your Sage software. We keep up to date with industry news, regulations and legislation; and working closely with Sage and other Sage add-on partners such as Sicon, Draycir and Eureka, to deliver updates, training and events to you.

Industry-leading Service Level Agreements

We have a UK team of Sage experts that are only a phone call away to answer any Sage queries you may have and to resolve Sage support issues fast.

Most competitive Sage Support

We believe in quality and service that doesn’t have to cost the earth. Our Sage Support agreements are the most competitively priced in the UK.

Year-end consultations

We understand that the financial year-end can be extremely busy and can throw up a few challenges. Our Sage consultants can be called upon to assist you during this period, providing guidance and checking all the critical information is in place, ensuring you can submit your annual financial statements in confidence.

Sage fair pay for new licences and renewals

We believe in charging our customers a fair price for their new or renewal licences – which is why we only charge a small, standard handling fee. Some companies may add a handling charge of 25% upwards.

We pass on special offer pricing to you

We are committed to ensuring you get the best value from your technology investments; that’s why we work closely with our partners to provide you with the best pricing models available. If they are running seasonal offers, free trials etc. we will always update you on these and pass them directly on to you.

Dedicated Account Manager

At BCN Group we believe in forming close working relationships with our clients. You will have a dedicated Account Manager as your main point of contact who will get to know your business and it’s unique requirements, to help you get the most value from your software and resolve any queries quickly and efficiently.

BCN Group’s Sage Service


Discover and Propose

Step one is to understand your business, objectives, challenges, and outcomes you are looking to achieve. Our goal is to deliver the optimum Sage 200 solution, both commercially and technically, to meet your needs. We then reach a consensus on the metrics and KPIs that define success and go from there.


Transform and Adapt

Whether we are streamlining, implementing, commissioning, configuring, re-configuring, or transforming your Sage 200 software, this stage is about delivering the roadmap and solutions to achieve your objectives. It’s managed by your team of BCN specialists and led by your dedicated project manager.


Manage and Evolve

Through metric tracking, we provide ongoing recommendations and hands-on Sage support for continuous improvement. Our proactive approach offers clarity and continuous improvements, including uptime, protection of mission-critical data, reduced incidents – all helping you to twin your environment with any business objectives.

Find out how BCN Group can support your business

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