Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Helping businesses create a modern workplace with a secure and flexible end-user desktop environment.

What is a Virtual Desktop?

A Virtual Desktop is a cloud environment that hosts and manages desktops from a central server.

Virtual desktop environments allow businesses to take greater control of their devices by providing the latest security and OS patches, ensuring all documents are accessible. In turn, end-users have the tools to boost productivity and collaboration.

How does Virtual Desktop Infrastructure work?

Virtual machines are hosted centrally, whether it’s within a public cloud (e.g. Microsoft Azure), a private cloud, or a datacentre. Virtual machines (VMs) host each desktop as an image, meaning multiple images are hosted in a single VM.

Once connected, devices can access the relevant data, documentation, and desktop loading approved applications for the end-user.

What can Virtual Desktops do?


Hosted Virtual Desktops deliver fast, familiar desktops to all end-users on any device and from any location.


A virtual desktop infrastructure gives multi-layered security. Users only have access to applications and data relevant to them, and patching is automatic.


Only users with accounts can access your hosted virtual desktop services. They do this through multi-factor authentication (MFA) security and policy-driven processes.

Benefits of a Virtual Desktop Environment

Businesses can create a modern workplace by building a virtual desktop infrastructure, with benefits that include:



You’ll have the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of users and desktops at the drop of a hat.



Firewalls, intrusion detectors, and MFA give your virtual desktops enterprise-level security. You can also ensure sensitive data meets regulations and compliance rules relevant to certain countries.



Users can securely connect to their account from any device or location, helping to boost productivity and collaboration.


Reduced costs

Save money and time with simple management. Whether or not you have internal IT resources, you can reduce the time spent running your environment with virtual desktops.

Helping businesses on the journey to a digital transformation

As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity and Cloud Platform Partner, our expertise has enabled us to extend the impressive Azure infrastructure into a flexible managed service. BCN Managed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions allow clients to fully utilise the powerful and ever-evolving cloud platform without pre-existing knowledge or expensive in-house skillsets.