Cloud backup and recovery services

Cloud backup services to ensure your business critical data and applications are backed up and accessible in an emergency.

Cloud backup services for businesses

Digital transformation is everywhere, meaning demand for agile, flexible, and affordable backup and recovery solutions have never been greater.

Cloud backup services offer businesses the ability to backup and store their critical data, so it is accessible in recovery scenarios, such as a system failure, outage, or natural disaster.

Cloud backup services for business work by duplicating data and applications to a physical or virtual server within an off-site data centre. BCN’s cloud backup services offer flexibility in backup scheduling, enabling you to choose how frequently or infrequently you want your backups to be. Our cloud backup service is also scalable, expanding as your business grows.

Cloud backup and recovery can help prevent disaster

The Governments Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022 has revealed the current scale of breaches, attacks, and costs, and the need to take proactive measures in response.


average cost of cyber attacks on medium and large businesses


of businesses identified an attack in 2022


of businesses estimate they're attacked at least once a week


of businesses that have a formal security strategy in place

Our approach

BCN’s approach to cloud backup

BCN’s approach to cloud backup and recovery solutions is informed by our three-step approach.

This approach is designed, tried and tested to help guide clients to the best solutions possible, improving operational efficiencies that deliver a return on investment.

For more information on BCN’s approach and the solutions we offer, please get in touch.


Discover and Propose

We gather an understanding of your business, it’s challenges,  and what outcomes you look to achieve.


Transform and Adapt

Streamline, implement, commission, and configure your technologies, processes, and environments.


Manage and Evolve

Provide ongoing recommendations and hands-on support for continuous improvement.

Client Testimonials

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Why choose BCN for cloud backup?

Our cloud-based backup and recovery solutions protect your business data and documentation, if it is lost, damaged or compromised. End-users can have items restored quickly saving on both time and stress.

BCN’s approach ensures our clients are consistently delivered solutions that improve operational efficiencies, boost cyber security, and enable swift recovery in the worst-case scenario.


Whatever size your organisation, BCN Group offer tailorable solutions ensuring affordability, whilst maximising a return on your investment.

Get in touch today to find out more about BCN Group, the services we offer, and how we can help your business operate more efficiently.

We’re passionate about protecting you

BCN Group deliver the appropriate cloud backup solution that is right for your business.

We’ll proactively monitor to ensure all replications continue to work as expected. And should the worst happen we’ll be on hand to support you and restore any data loss quickly and efficiently.