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Cloud backup and recovery services

Extra security to protect your business and quick restoration for any data loss.

Extra level of resiliency through the cloud

There’s not one of us who has never lost a piece of data or a document, whether through human error or a hardware issue, with the potential impact being great. A secure cloud backup solution will quickly restore any loss to data and productivity.

With a cloud backup and recovery solution, you can quickly recover any data at a moment’s notice.

BCN Group can assist in the creation of a backup strategy that adheres to your restore point and recovery time objectives, and monitors backups to ensure they are running on schedule and without issue.

Helping you plan for the worst

At BCN Group, we’re determined to make sure that your business data and applications are protected.


We’ll assess your needs such as frequency of restore points and recovery time on data. We’ll then work with you to formulate an appropriate backup strategy that is appropriate for your needs.


We’ll work with your teams to Implement and configure your cloud backup storage, seed initial backups, test that the solution is fully functional, and configure notifications for backup monitoring.


Our proactive team will conduct daily monitoring of your secure cloud backups to ensure they are running successfully and on schedule.

Providing some peace of mind

Cloud based backups provide business resiliency in the event of incidents such a fire, theft or human error. Having an additional copy of data allows information and servers to be recovered in full should there be any configuration issue or change that cannot be reverted in the on-premise infrastructure. Cloud based backups also ensure that data is being kept securely within your infrastructure and adheres to the latest security standards

By having a cloud backup solution concerns about ransomware and infections which can corrupt local backups are alleviated.

Backups are run and managed consistently with our managed cloud backup service, meaning failures or issues are immediately flagged and rectified should they occur.

We’re passionate about protecting you

BCN Group deliver the appropriate cloud backup solution that is right for your business.

We’ll proactively monitor to ensure all replications continue to work as expected. And should the worst happen we’ll be on hand to support you and restore any data loss quickly and efficiently.