Protecting your end-users from attack

Keep your end-users secure from third party attacks and ensure data stays with your business with advanced endpoint protection.

Keeping all avenues closed to risk

Unfortunately, cyber threats and third-party attackers pose continuous risks to a business’ infrastructure. Endpoint protection provides all end-users, and their devices, with better protection from malicious attacks.

Endpoint protection solutions cover a wide range of services and protection methods, from account protection with Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to email security with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). With network endpoint security you can better protect end-user devices on your infrastructure.

With endpoint protection services you can also integrate rights management policies which will ensure that your data remains safe and secure within your business.

“BCN Group assisted in the refurbishment of our entire IT infrastructure. Security was always at the forefront throughout the refurbishment plan, and we now have layered, effective security across our business.”

Managing Director, Metro Rod Lancashire

Giving businesses advanced endpoint security

BCN Group provide a wide range of solutions for robust endpoint security

Modern Workplace Security Audit

Our endpoint security assessments help to identify gaps in your end-user infrastructure. Our audit covers Anti-phishing policies, Email threats, Data retention and protection, Account security management, and Alerts and analytics.


Our security experts will work with your team to help integrate any endpoint security and control changes or new processes, such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and encryption.

Endpoint data loss prevention

BCN Group can implement rights management policies to protect your data from being moved to unauthorised devices and sharing platforms.

Education and Training

Colleagues and end users often unknowingly create security vulnerabilities due to their actions. Our team provide security training for your end-users to help them recognise different ways they may be targeted, what a potential attack can look like, and how to protect themselves against malicious activity.

Endpoint security monitoring

A business can be the victim of a cyber attack at any time (day or night) which is why our team of security experts monitor your infrastructure 24/7/365. Any suspicious activity will be detected and acted upon immediately.

Every business is at risk. Every user is potential victim


of cyber attacks are as a result of human error


There’s a cyber attack attempt every 39 seconds


of malware attacks come through email


of small business experience a phishing type attack

Keeping ahead of the criminals

At BCN Group we’re determined to make sure that all businesses are protected from cyber threats and attacks. Our security experts, who are continuously monitoring new and evolving threats, will make sure that your endpoint protection is robust and resilient.