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Managed Azure Service

BCN optimises your Microsoft Azure for peak performance, backed by expert resources, and an industry-leading Managed Service Provider.

Your Azure solution in safe hands

BCN's Managed Azure Service is a cloud management service that combines integrated services for improved productivity, increased efficiency, and enhanced flexibility. The BCN Azure team are experts in Azure with all the knowledge and experience necessary to take responsibility for your solution and bring you the most value.

Tailored innovation & monitored compliance

Working within Azure environments offers unrivalled benefits for simplicity, scalability and innovation. However, it’s vitally important that your solution is working in the correct way for your organisation, driven by the overall aims and goals that you have for the long term.

The BCN Managed Azure Service is constantly monitored and assessed in a bespoke way to guarantee you can access the innovative benefits available from any updates and new features. It also offers a simple route to compliance with the ever changing world of regulation & security issues.

Azured Managed Service

The benefits of a BCN Managed Azure Service

  • Greater expertise & experience

    We manage hundreds of environments for our partners with our expertise and experience shared across them all. Using consistent best practice processes and continuous learning alongside the development of Azure means we can offer instant value in a measurable way.

  • Cost efficient

    We remove the need to recruit, train and maintain costly in-house Azure management roles & teams. The fees for BCN Managed Azure Services are transparent and detailed to aid the overall IT budgeting for your organisation.

  • Enhanced security

    Our managed services looks at the appropriate industry regulations and standards for your organisation. Using automated backups alongside regular security reviews means vital information is always shared and acted upon on your behalf. As a Microsoft Security Partner, we are able to implement Microsoft and Industry best practices.

  • Platform support & monitoring

    The dedicated BCN Managed Azure team is always on hand to watch and react. All platform disruptions or issues will be resolved with rapid responses that keep any downtime to an absolute minimum.

  • Scalable & flexible

    We know that things can change quickly. Our resource scaling will address any growth or reductions for your organisation to ensure seamless transitions. Consultation and full support is also guaranteed when migrating any additional cloud services to Azure during your digital transformation journey.

  • Innovations & improvements

    The latest Azure features and services are monitored and tested by our team to see how they can bring you additional benefits. All of our recommendations and optimisations for your platform are based on cutting edge insights, knowledge and experience in cloud environments.

  • The complete end-to-end solution

    The BCN Managed Azure Service takes care of everything from initial migration through to ongoing support and optimisation work. With our regular planned reviews, reports & insights at hand, you can stay in control of the value Azure is giving you at all times.

BCN’s Approach to Managed Azure

Our experience at the forefront of innovative and successful Azure solutions has taught us that connections and collaboration are always the keys to success. We operate beyond the traditional Managed Service Provider and client model to integrate fully with your organisation and become a valuable part of it.

  • Strategy as a Service

    The BCN Managed Azure Service understands that the most important element of management is effective strategy. With this in mind, we tailor all of our guidance, solution development and ongoing support to the long term goals of your organisation. As a trusted and established Managed Service Provide with Microsoft Cloud Partner status we offer expert Azure advice in a holistic way. Constant communication through regular reviews and feedback sessions allow us to share this knowledge effectively across your entire infrastructure and people.

  • Highest standard Azure audits

    Completing a comprehensive audit of your Azure environment and associated IT infrastructure is a vital step to be carried out for all our partners. It allows the BCN Managed Azure Service team to assess how capable your cloud infrastructure currently is and understand how successfully it is being managed. This audit can be carried out at any stage of your journey whether you are making a business case to migrate to Azure, already have a small Azure environment or are finding Azure management a challenge within your organisation.

  • Cloud Confidence

    Looking after your organisation means applying as much of your experienced internal resources to its core functions and operations as possible. Connecting with BCN as your Managed Azure Service provider delivers a trusted and experienced partner that will manage your cloud infrastructure for you while you do so. Together, we can confidently expand your organisation in the cloud for more value and increased performance.

Why choose BCN?

Choosing a technology partner to help you manage Azure environments and understand cloud solutions can be challenging and time consuming. BCN has worked hard to develop our trusted reputation through a combination of accreditation, knowledge, and most importantly, excellent customer service.

We offer a team of Azure experts that instantly complement your organisation without having to go through lengthy resource draining recruitment. Through guaranteed SLAs we can increase your peace of mind while we reduce the risks from security issues.

Your cloud management is handled by our expert teams to provide a constantly robust, scalable and secure Azure environment that keeps your organisation successful and growing.

Contact the BCN Managed Azure team today to arrange your audit and learn how we can help

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