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Productivity Accelerator

Ensuring your users maximise the use of their Microsoft 365 applications and services.

Productivity Accelerator

BCN’s Productivity Accelerator is a Microsoft 365 focused service that supports your user's adoption of Microsoft apps and services supporting your digital transformation journey.

Productivity Accelerator

About Productivity Accelerator for M365

Digital transformation and improving efficiencies to gain competitive advantages is an evolving process. With the digital world moving at pace, many businesses are not yet able to fully utilize the technologies and services they have available.  

Productivity Accelerator from BCN provides you with insights on how you can improve the usage of existing technologies and services by providing an in-depth look at how your employees use them over time. 

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    Two-hour monthly consultation with our Productivity Accelerator consultants

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    Half a day of engineer time for tenant-wide changes

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    Usage and adoption report updates every six months

Want to find out more?

Download our factsheet for a quick overview of Productivity Accelerator.

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Powerful information for improvement

The Insights and Expert Advice You Need  

Our service will give you an understanding of how your users are using their Microsoft products and services, whether that’s to their full potential or not. We can then show you and your staff how to best use them.  

Our dedicated consultant will work closely with you to keep momentum and adoption, and ensure your staff are maxismising their use of technology in a safe and secure environment. We will generate reports that include data on active users, frequency of use, and usage patterns over time.  

How our service can benefit your business:

  • Identify popular features and areas for improvement

  • Track adoption of new features and services

  • Monitor overall use of Microsoft products and services


Why Work with BCN for Microsoft 365 Services?

Every business has its own ways of working and our Modern Workplace consultants will take the time to understand your needs and provide the tailored support you require. Our continuous advice, help and support will ensure you get the very best out of your Microsoft investment.  

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern work, our team of experts have facilitated hundreds of Microsoft 365 migrations across our customers’ businesses, including on-premises business applications. 

  • Support

    Access to BCN’s expert advice and support to unlock the full potential of your Microsoft 365 services

  • Integrated

    Extend your standard Microsoft 365 offering with our managed services

  • Insight

    Data modeling and insights with Microsoft Power IB for Microsoft 365

  • Secure

    Enable all available features to ensure your business and end-users are protected