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Doing the right thing

As a growing business we are focussing more heavily on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Our aims and ambitions align with our core values of integrity (doing the right thing) and accountability (caring about what we do).


We have chosen projects and initiatives across our business where we believe we can make a specific and tangible impact. At BCN, we believe that technology has the power to shape a brighter future for all. Join us in creating a greener future, making a positive impact on communities, and driving inclusivity in the industry. Together, let's redefine technology's potential.

Our commitment

Our ESG objectives and ambitions

BCN is committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility through various initiatives. Our active work towards a more balanced, diverse workforce, encouraging volunteerism, and support for charitable causes demonstrate our commitment to be part of a more sustainable and responsible world.

  • Environment, Recycling & Sustainability

    A greener, more sustainable world through:

    • Sustainability within our supply chain
    • Energy saving across all our sites
    • EV and Cycle schemes available to all our team
    • Fostering environmental awareness and responsibility of all employees

    Our Green Ambassador raises awareness and encourages energy saving and recycling, as well as making changes to process and suppliers

  • Equipment recycling

    End of Life (EOL) equipment is either recycled appropriately, donated to charitable causes or offered to colleagues in return for charitable donations. 

    • Eliminated landfill waste and maximising recycling
    • All EOL equipment is disposed of via our WEEE accredited partner
  • Charity Volunteer Days

    Every single member of the BCN team can take two working days to volunteer for as charity of their choice to raise money or give their time to support local, independent charities and really make a difference.

  • Changing the gender bias: More women in tech

    We always want the right person to be in the right role for the right reasons. We’re pro-actively making changes and ensuring we are aiming to change the status quo in the tech industry and have a more balanced workforce at BCN and more women in our tech. We do this via:

    • Changing recruitment policies
    • Flexible working
    • Support and development opportunities

    Our aim is to achieve a 50:50 workforce gender balance.


Microsoft Partner Pledge

The Partner Pledge demonstrates our commitment to and support of five critical goals to create a more sustainable, equal, and responsible world. BCN are passionate about the role of transformative technology and the benefits it can bring to our customers organisations as well as our own business, and how it can positively impact society more broadly.

By partnering with BCN, you are partnering with a company that believes in a shared, ethical vision for technology.

Find out more about the pledge’s five areas:


  • Digital skills

    Helping prepare for the opportunities of the future through own digital skills programs, the BCN Academy.

  • Sustainability

    Committed to promoting sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, like working with environmentally concious data centre partners.

  • Cyber Security

    Working together to combat the high threat of cybersecurity and cyber espionage through technology, partnerships, and awareness.

  • Responsible and Ethical AI

    Ensure Artificial Intelligence is developed and implemented in responsible and ethical ways with fairness and accountability at its core.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Reflect and support society by working to improve the diversity of our technology workforce.

sustainability champions across tech

BCN are committed to working with Data Centre partners that share our values on sustainability and environmental impact. With a focus on partners that invest in energy efficient environmentally minded solutions such as battery storage technology, and intelligent cooling, regardless of the upfront costs. We will always look to host with the most energy efficiency conscious providers.

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