Migrate to the cloud with confidence

Migrating to a new infrastructure can be a daunting prospect. After all it’s is a business-critical project with a lot riding on it. Having the right expertise to support you is not only reassuring but it will define the success of your project.

Providing cloud migration expertise for your business

The cloud, and all its associated solutions, has given businesses a new awareness for the power of technology. It has allowed for increased flexibility, productivity and collaboration. We understand that an on premise to cloud migration is an important decision for any business, which involves business-critical applications and data. So, it is vital you have a managed cloud service provider with the right experience and expertise.

Finding the right ‘mix’ of cloud migration for your business is crucial. You may decide to embrace a fully managed cloud migration or a hybrid solution between a cloud and an on-premise infrastructure. You can even decide between the services you want to migrate, whether it’s end-user solutions, increased productivity and collaboration, or business-critical services to improve resiliency and access. With cloud migration you have lots of options and flexibility.

As an Office 365 migration partner [BCN Group] has been excellent. They have helped us define a very detailed solution and brought a huge amount of skill and knowledge to help us achieve our goals. They have been approachable and have clearly helped with the success of the project.

Project Manager, Staffordshire Police

Managed cloud solutions for your business

BCN Group are a cloud-first business but we understand that every client is different, wanting to embrace technology in their own unique way. Our range of cloud migration services offer businesses flexibility of service and support.

Cloud migration consulting

Whether you’re looking to manage a migration yourself or wanting a partner to do this for you, our team of cloud migration consultants will work closely with you to ensure the project goes smoothly and successfully, providing advice, guidance and support every step of the way.

Managed cloud platform

At BCN Group, we understand that our clients need flexibility and choice when it comes to using technology solutions. So, we offer the ultimate flexibility with our managed cloud platform which provides access to public cloud infrastructures such as Microsoft Azure, BCN Group’s managed private cloud, or a combined solution of cloud and on-premise servers.


We understand that adopting new technology can feel daunting, that’s why you’ll have direct access to our support team at every stage. They will provide full support and advice as and when you need it, helping with any issues that may occur and to offer advice.

Our Approach

Our 3-step methodology

Evaluate & Propose, Transform & Adapt and Manage & Evolve is our three-step approach to optimising outcomes by supporting our clients through all key stages of their projects and transformation.


Discover and propose

Step one is to understand your business, objectives, your challenges and the outcomes you are looking to achieve. Our single-minded thought is delivering the optimum solution, both commercially and technically to meet your objectives. We then reach a consensus on the metrics and KPIs that define success and go from there.


Transform and adapt

Whether we are streamlining, implementing, commissioning, configuring, re-configuring or transforming your technologies, processes and environment, this stage is about delivering the roadmap and solutions to achieve your objectives. Managed and delivered by your personal team of BCN specialists and led by your dedicated project manager.


Manage and evolve

Through ongoing success and metric tracking we provide ongoing recommendations and hands-on support for continuous improvement and evolution. Our proactive and accountable approach provides clarity and continuous improvements including uptime, protection of mission-critical data, reduced incidents – all helping you evolve your environment in line with your business objectives.

Trusted cloud partner by your side

BCN Group provide a fully comprehensive range of cloud migration services which we build around your specific needs. Our team of experts will help guide you to the cloud solution that is right for your business. Whether it be a fully managed cloud migration or a hybrid of cloud and an on-premise infrastructure.

Migration of 4,500 users to Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Exchange Environment for Staffordshire Police

Staffordshire Police Authority

A cloud-first business

BCN Group is a cloud-first and migration specialist.  We have been supporting clients with their cloud migrations for over ten years. All businesses, regardless of size and industry, can embrace a more future-proofed infrastructure through cloud communications