Delivering digital transformation and innovation

Transforming the way that businesses operate and utilise technology through modern and future-proofed solutions.

Operate without limits. Innovate. Accelerate digital transformation. Gain competitive advantage  

Organisations are increasingly dependent on technology to run their businesses. The opportunities and challenges this present have never been greater.

‘Digital transformation’ means different things to different organisations. It may mean going paperless, securing yourself in the cloud, finding better ways to communicate and collaborate digitally, or building bespoke applications to transform how you do business.

Whatever transformation journey you’re working towards, working with digital transformation services partner BCN Group will result in the development of a business transformation strategy. We will provide advice, support and solutions to help your organisation delivering a digital transformation, and drive real change in how your business operates and uses technology.

We needed an organisation that had capability, technical excellence, and capacity. We are on a digital journey and BCN Group are on that journey with us.

CIO, Franchise Brands

Who we help

We help organisations to streamline their environments and businesses operations and increase their efficiency, productivity and customer experience.

Some of the businesses we work with include:

Acquisitive businesses

needing to streamline their infrastructure, processes and technology.

Manufacturing businesses

requiring bespoke software applications to better manage their process

Housing Associations

requiring digital solutions to increase efficiency e.g. repair booking portals.

Our challenges are that we still don’t quite yet know what we need [BCN Group] to do so we need flexibility. With BCN we can pick up the phone, have a conversation with one of the guys; they completely understand where we are at. They are working with us, they can flex, they rise to the occasion. We have yet to have a situation where they couldn’t help us or assist us to move things to where we need to be.

IT Manager, Metro Rod

Time to drive new technology and a digital transformation

The drive for businesses to adopt, change and embrace the way in which they utilise technology is becoming greater. Build an IT strategy for digital transformation with BCN Group, and create a more agile and scalable business which makes it easier to scale and complete.

Digital transformation following acquisition trial for national drainage franchise

Metro Rod