Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure & Hosting

Cloud and on-premise services working in unison to deliver a flexible infrastructure.

The best of both worlds

The cloud has completely revolutionised the way in which we all consume technology. But for some businesses who have data and services that need to remain on site due to legacy or regulation requirements, complete migration to the cloud may not be feasible.

By utilising a hybrid cloud infrastructure you’ll get the best of both worlds. Due to the flexibility of the cloud, both your cloud services and on-premise hardware work seamlessly together.

As a hybrid cloud provider BCN Group will develop a solution that works for you.

Delivering a solution that works for you

BCN Group understand that every business is unique and operates differently. We are committed to providing solutions that fit your individual needs. We work with you to determine your goals and guide you to the best solution for your business:

Hybrid Cloud Strategy

We review your current infrastructure to understand any gaps and build a plan for your hybrid infrastructure. We will identify any gaps and where you could potentially benefit from refreshed on-premise hardware.

Hybrid Cloud Platform Implementation

With enhanced security and configuration we will implement your infrastructure, migrate your applications and services to the cloud, and boost the performance of your on-premise services.

Hybrid Cloud Management

We will provide regular testing to ensure your hybrid infrastructure is optimised, provide regular patching to maintain a strong security position, and be on hand to provide any support as and when you need it.

Scalable and future-proofed solution

A hybrid cloud solution allows your business to take advantage of the benefits of a cloud environment whilst still maintaining an on-site service. This will deliver increased resiliency within your infrastructure, enhance business continuity, and lower capital expenditure (due to the need for physical hardware being negated).

Your business will maintain control over your data as well as the services you wish to keep on premise for compliance or security requirements.

Guiding you to the best cloud solution for your business

Our team of expert Cloud Consultants set out to understand how your business currently operates. We then develop a tailored set of recommendations to deliver the best solution for your business.