Private Cloud Infrastructure & Hosting

Accessible migration and infrastructure services through the use of private cloud hosting

All the benefits of the public cloud but on a private cloud infrastructure

The cloud can offer businesses all the benefits of flexibility, future-proofing and scalability, however due to reservations and regulatory requirements, the public cloud may not always provide the answers.

Private cloud offers businesses all the cloud has to offer but using a privately owned infrastructure, meaning you know exactly where your data is stored.

The cloud also has the benefits of enhanced services and patching, and the flexibility to access data and applications from anywhere on any device at any time.

As a managed cloud service provider, BCN Group provide private cloud infrastructure directly to you, tailored to your needs.

Powering your business with BCN Group’s private cloud infrastructure

BCN Group provide you with access to the cloud through BCN Cloud.


Private cloud solutions, through BCN Group Cloud, deliver a secure cloud environment for all your applications and data. We provide a comprehensive staged migration process:


Our Cloud Specialists will review your current on-premise infrastructure and create a plan for migrating your business to your new private cloud environment.


We will then work with you to design, build and migrate your on-premise environment into your private cloud environment.


Our Cloud experts will continually monitor your infrastructure to ensure optimisation is maintained. BCN Cloud is owned by BCN Group which means that patching will be automated and security will be enhanced continuously. We also provide quick response support.

All the benefits of a household named cloud infrastructure

BCN Group and BCN Cloud deliver all the benefits of a cloud environment to a privately owned infrastructure.

If you have an on-site infrastructure it may be outdated or unsecure. Moving to a cloud infrastructure facilitates rapid adoption of the latest technologies now and in the future.

Utilising a cloud infrastructure can increase business agility and scalability, allowing your business to grow rapidly and adapt as required – rolling out or removing infrastructure instantly without concerns of the configuration, implementation, or the incurred cost of an on-site hardware solution.

Experts with cloud technology

BCN Group are a cloud-first business providing flexible cloud solutions to suit the individual needs of our clients.

Have peace of mind that changes and enhancements to your service will be made quickly, and that your support SLAs ensure any issues are resolved rapidly.