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Hybrid Cloud

Cloud and on-premise cloud services working together to deliver a flexible IT infrastructure.

What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid cloud is a form of cloud computing which combines on-premises infrastructure (or a private cloud) with public cloud.

Hybrid cloud solutions provide greater control of data, services and systems whilst also allowing data and applications to move between the two environments.

Many organisations choose a hybrid cloud approach due to business imperatives such as meeting regulatory and data sovereignty requirements, taking full advantage of on-premises technology investment or to provide super-fast access to rapidly changing data.

With a hybrid cloud solution, your organisation can ensure highly sensitive data and systems run in the locations you control to ensure they meet the regulatory requirements required by you and your clients.

Hybrid cloud scenarios

Dynamic or frequently changing workloads

With a hybrid cloud infrastructure use an easily scalable public cloud for your dynamic workloads, and use an on-premise data centre or private cloud for less volatile, or more sensitive workloads.

Separating critical workloads from less sensitive workloads

Store sensitive data on your private infrastructure and use your public cloud to run the rest of your applications.

Big data processing

Use your highly scalable public cloud to process some of your big data analytics.

Move to the cloud at your own pace

Start small by moving some of your workloads to a public cloud or small-scale private cloud, expanding your cloud presence as needed.

Cost-effective temporary processing capacity

Allocate public cloud resources for short-term projects, at a lower cost alternative to increasing capacity of on-premise infrastructure.

Best of both worlds

A hybrid cloud infrastructure can tap the into the advantages of both on-premise and cloud computing simultaneously.

Features / Solutions of Hybrid Cloud

Dedicated servers

for your intensive workloads or confidential data.

Multiple cloud environments/providers

combining private and public clouds.

Content delivery networks

to optimize how content, rich media and videos are delivered.

Cloud back-up and recovery

preventing data loss and allowing business continuity in case of incidents.

Public vs Private vs Hybrid Cloud Hosting

There is no one type of cloud computing that’s right for everyone. Several different cloud computing models, types and services have evolved to meet the rapidly changing technology needs of organisations.

Cloud computing can be categorised into three general types:

Public cloud

Owned by a third party. Microsoft operate and maintain their public cloud, Azure. This computing is then provided via the internet and is available to anyone who wants to purchase it. It includes services such as networking, storage, and virtual machines. The ease of consumption and use make it a popular choice.

Private cloud

Consists of computing hardware resources used exclusively by one business or organisation. This private cloud is physically located at a data centre owned by a third party or in some cases it is on organisation’s own on-site data centre. Private clouds are often used by government agencies, financial institutions and any other medium to large-sized organisation seeking enhanced control over their environment.

Hybrid cloud

Combines on-premise infrastructure (or private cloud) with public cloud. Hybrid cloud provides greater control over data, allowing data and application to move between the two environments. Many organisations choose a hybrid cloud approach due to business imperatives such as meeting regulatory and data. sovereignty requirements.

Why choose BCN for Hybrid Cloud? Your trusted cloud partner

BCN Group are uniquely placed to support you with your cloud adoption, migration and ongoing transformation.

We help our clients adopt Microsoft Azure best practices and integrations at every stage of their transformation in the cloud.

We are Azure experts – a Direct CSP and Microsoft Gold Partner – and unlike most cloud providers we deliver a comprehensive end-to-end service and support offering which includes cloud consultancy and road mapping, adoption, integration, management and bespoke software development.

Our professional services team provide advice and clarity around cloud adoption and continuous transformation.

Our migration experts meticulously plan and manage every aspect of your migration, ensuring a smooth, organised and seamless transition.

Our software development team create bespoke applications and integrations which will allow your business to accelerate your cloud transformation.

Our Hybrid Cloud Clients

We needed an organisation that had capability, technical excellence and capacity. We are on a journey of digital transformation at Metro Rod and BCN are on that journey with us.

Colin Rees, Group CIO
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