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Sage 50 Implementation and Support

Take control of your business finances with Sage 50 accountancy software.

What is Sage 50?

Trusted by over 400,000 businesses, Sage 50 is one of the UK’s leading financial and accountancy solutions for businesses. Ideal for small and medium-sized organisations, Sage 50 allows companies to take control of their finances.

Sage 50 is highly flexible and easy to integrate, allowing you to manage cash flow, invoicing, VAT, stock, and banking. What’s more, Sage works seamlessly with any Microsoft 365 environment, providing a more holistic view of your business.

Once the software is implemented, your business can easily manage cash flow, income, expenses and payments. You’re able to create, edit and send invoices directly from Sage 50cloud. Plus, you can link your bank accounts for simple transfers.

Designed specifically for SMEs, Sage 50 is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking for reliable ERP and accountancy software. If your business is larger and looking to grow, consider upgrading to Sage 200.

What can Sage 50 do?

Manage cash flow, invoicing and automate payment collection.

Sage 50 accounting allows you to manage payments both owed to the business and your suppliers. You can also connect bank accounts to access real-time information and manage personalised invoices, making documents look more professional.

Calculate VAT and submit to HMRC.

Sage 50 makes calculating your VAT returns quick and easy. It also enables you to pay what you owe and file all relevant documentation online to HMRC securely. As Sage is a cloud-based accountancy software, all the latest VAT and tax legislation is automatically updated, giving you confidence that you’re always Making Tax Digital (MTD) compliant.

Enhance financial management and reporting.

Having up-to-date financial data is critical to making better business decisions. Moreover, Sage 50 provides you with in-depth reporting, so you can build reports and dig down into the detail.

Quicker payments and faster banking.

Sage 50 ensures that your organisation receives digital direct debit payments faster. You can also have invoices paid directly by referencing Sage’s “Pay Now” tool on all invoices. Link your bank accounts to Sage 50c to keep on top of cash flow and pay your suppliers securely.

Take stock of your inventory.

Perform stock takes, update stock availability, and create low stock alerts with Sage 50. It ensures you have everything you need to carry on normal business operations. Finally, keep track of your business assets with stock valuations and audits.

Connect Sage 50c to other parts of your business.

Sage 50 is highly flexible, which means you can connect it to other business applications and environments, such as Microsoft 365, for a holistic view of your organisation.

Benefits to using Sage 50


Access anytime, anywhere

As a cloud-based ERP, Sage 50 software delivers a whole raft of benefits, including less downtime, round-the-clock access, and automatic update installations. The latter means you’ll always have the latest security features, as they come directly from Sage.


Boost productivity and efficiency

Work together and provide information, data and documentation quickly through Sage50’s cloud framework. Sage50 also provides your business with a centralised data platform.



Sage are one of the UK’s highest accredited security technology providers and know what it takes to keep your data safe. As such, they will automatically provide you with the latest security patches, so you’re never at threat. You can also integrate Sage 50 with any existing backup solution to reduce data loss.

How much does Sage 50 cost?

Sage 50 is available in two versions Sage 50 Standard and Sage 50 Professional, whichever version you choose the pricing is now a monthly subscription model. Sage 50 pricing will vary from business to business depending upon which version you choose and other requirements you may have such as the number of users you have, support, implementation and training that may need tailoring to your specific business needs.

Our team of Sage 50 specialists will work with you to understand your exact requirements, scoping out the project to provide you with an accurate Sage 50 price.

Why choose BCN Group for Sage 50?

Sage 50 combines a range of contemporary features to give you the tools you need to manage your business’s accounts effectively. BCN Group is on hand to help you utilise these tools in the best possible way. As a leading Sage Business partner with more than 12 years’ support experience, we are committed to delivering Sage excellence.

Sage thought leaders.

As a Sage Strategic Partner we have the knowledge and experience to help you get the most from your Sage software. We keep up to date with industry news, regulations and legislation; and working closely with Sage and other Sage add-on partners such as Sicon, Draycir and Eureka, to deliver updates, training and events to you.

Industry-leading Service Level Agreements.

e have a UK team of Sage experts that are only a phone call away to answer any Sage queries you may have and to resolve Sage support issues fast.

Most competitive Sage Support.

We believe in quality and service that doesn’t have to cost the earth. Our Sage Support agreements are the most competitively priced in the UK.

Year-end consultations.

We understand that the financial year-end can be extremely busy and can throw up a few challenges. Our Sage consultants can be called upon to assist you during this period, providing guidance and checking all the critical information is in place, ensuring you can submit your annual financial statements in confidence.

Sage fair pay for new licences and renewals.

We believe in charging our customers a fair price for their new or renewal licences – which is why we only charge a small, standard handling fee. Some companies may add a handling charge of 25% upwards.

We pass on special offer pricing to you.

We are committed to ensuring you get the best value from your technology investments; that’s why we work closely with our partners to provide you with the best pricing models available. If they are running seasonal offers, free trials etc. we will always update you on these and pass them directly on to you.

Dedicated Account Manager.

At BCN Group we believe in forming close working relationships with our clients. You will have a dedicated Account Manager as your main point of contact who will get to know your business and it’s unique requirements, to help you get the most value from your software and resolve any queries quickly and efficiently.

Find out how BCN Group can support your business

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