Managed Network Security

Keeping your infrastructure safe, minimise the risk of cyber-attacks and help maintain and protect business operations.

Managed network security management

In recent years the risk to businesses from cyber-attacks and malicious activity has increased exponentially. Some high-profile attacks attract news headlines but many more happen every single day to regular businesses of all sizes and from all industries and sectors. Yet many organisations are still merely reacting to attacks rather than implementing proactive network security measures to counteract known and unknown threats.

By working with our network security management team, you have access to the latest tools and practices to boost defences. We will provide regular network security assessments, identify any gaps and vulnerabilities and if required ensure you have the correct defences in place to counteract potential and very real cyber threats on your network.

Best form of attack comes with better defences

At BCN Group, we are passionate about keeping your business safe and secure. Therefore we provide a range of network security services to provide support in the areas you need it, including:

Network Security Audit

Our team of Cyber Security Consultants will review your current infrastructure and identifying any areas of network vulnerability. We provide practical advice on how these can be resolved and recommendations on how you can improve your network security.

Network Protection

We provide physical and virtual security services that best protect your infrastructure. As an accredited partner for industry-defining technologies your security is in very safe hands.

Network Security Monitoring

Our Cyber Security experts will proactively monitor your network, detect vulnerabilities, provide patching and ensure both your physical and virtual defences are operating with the latest version of software. We also conduct regular network security testing to ensure your defences are ever ready and resilient

Passionate about security

With a multitude of cyber security products and solutions available to businesses identifying the right solutions can be confusing and overwhelming. Our Cyber Security Consultants will provide advice and guidance allowing you to identify the best solutions for your needs.