Sage 200 Prices Set To Rise In 2018

Sage have recently informed us about the changes it will be making to its Sage 200 price plan.

From Thursday 1st February 2018, Sage will be increasing the price of Sage 200 software and services by 5% (However, if you’re a Sage 200 Extra Online customer this does NOT apply to you).

This Sage price increase is due to the recent introduction of Sage 200c and its future upgrades. The software has added a wide range of new features and benefits that will enhance your accounting software and user experience, providing you with true business freedom like never before.

I’m a Sage 200 Customer, how will this affect me?

  • This will affect you if you are an on-plan customer, and if you have a fixed term subscription (excluding Sage 200 Extra Online)
  • If you are on a fixed term contract then you will pay what you are currently paying until your renewal date
  • If you are on a monthly rolling term, your price plan will increase from February 2018
  • The increase is included on all software and services, including new and existing additions for your Sage software

This is the first price rise by Sage in 2 years. From time to time, Sage review their prices to fund their ongoing development and facilitate new software. This in the long term will benefit you and how Sage is used in your business.

If you have any questions regarding the Sage 200 price increase or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking the button below.