Cloud Service Providers: How Can Their Cloud Solutions Help?

According to the 2018 State of the Cloud Report, 81% of businesses are already enjoying the flexibility and security that a multi-cloud strategy offers. Your business can too by making the switch to a public, private or hybrid cloud management solution.

What Are the Perceived Disadvantages of Cloud Computing?

Having greater flexibility to meet ever-changing demands, receiving automatic security updates and benefitting from a more productive team – wherever they are. These are just some of the reasons why more businesses are beginning to make the switch to cloud computing. Although, that doesn’t do enough to change the mind of anyone still reluctant to … Continued

Cloud vs On Premise Comparison Guide – Which Should Your Business Choose?

IT Managers who work at a business that relies on an on-premise environment know how challenging it can be. It’s up to you and your team to monitor, maintain and update every part to ensure operations can run smoothly. If something’s not working, then it’s you who’s called upon to find a solution. 

What are the Key Considerations for Cloud Migration?

For any type of cloud migration to be successful, your business needs to carry out thorough analysis beforehand. Take the time to consider the impact that switching will have and prepare in the right way to reduce early teething problems. Here are some of the key considerations you need to make before migrating any platform, … Continued

What are the 6 Most Useful Benefits of Moving to the Cloud?

Last year, Forbes found that 77% of businesses have at least one part of their IT infrastructure on the cloud. That figure is expected to be even higher by the end of 2020. It’s clear which way the trend is heading but there are still hesitations to overcome in many businesses. 

How Secure Is the Cloud and Is It Safer Than Legacy Systems?

Cloud solutions are flexible, agile and secure. They’re a significant upgrade on legacy systems, allowing users to be more productive and reducing the frustrating maintenance time that legacy systems require. Here’s why outdated systems are holding your business back and how you can make the switch. 

Industry News: VMware Leads Industry in Support for the Mobile Workforce with New Capabilities Across Its End-User Computing Portfolio

VMware, the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, has introduced new product offerings and capabilities across its end-user computing product portfolio to broaden support for the mobile workforce at VMworld® 2013 Europe. Focussing on lowering cost, simplifying management and enhancing performance to help organizations and the industry advance workforce mobility, VMware is the only … Continued