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Application Modernisation Services

Unlock the value of your applications through cloud and data-first modernisation services that are aligned to your business needs.

Application modernisation

Moving applications to the cloud has sparked renewed enthusiasm for IT modernisations services. With an unrivalled understanding and skillset across a wide range of coding languages, our teams are able to convert any legacy software application into a modernised solution.

What is application modernisaton?

Application modernization is the process of updating legacy systems and existing apps to a cloud-first model, hence why it’s sometimes called legacy modernisation. If a business uses on-premises apps, modernisation may involve migrating those apps to a public, private, or hybrid cloud. Commonly modernized apps and data include:

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    .NET apps

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    Linux web apps

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    Java apps

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    SAP apps

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    SQL databases

App Modernisation

App Modernisation Services

There are three common platforms and approaches for modernising applications; Lift and Shift, Refactoring, and Replatforming. Find out more about each approach below.

  • Lift and Shift

    Also called rehosting, Lift and shift is where you take an existing application and move it from a legacy environment (I.e., On-premises) and shift it to a modern infrastructure (I.e., public cloud) with little changes to the underlying code or architecture.

  • Refactoring

    Refactoring essentially means restructuring an application. This approach restructures and in some cases entirely rewrites the app's underlying codebase so it can run optimally in a new, cloud-based environment.

  • Re-platforming

    Re-platforming is seen as the middle ground between lift and shift and refactoring approaches. Essentially re-platforming is where you update the app to enable it to better run on a modern cloud platform, replacing the backend database is an example.

Maximum value

Our App Modernisation Services

With an unrivalled understanding and skillset across a wide range of coding languages, we’re able to convert any legacy software application into a modernised solution.

We understand the importance of leveraging modern technologies to unlock the full potential of your application initiatives. That’s why our team is here to assist in maximising the value of your investments through efficient methodologies and cutting-edge tools for application migration, modernisation, and security.

For more information on our modernisation services, please contact one of our specialists.

App Modernisation

What are the benefits of application modernisation?

By partnering with BCN, we empower businesses to streamline their operations, enhance efficiencies, and tap into the scalability and flexibility of the cloud. Find out how you can benefit from BCN’s application modernisation services below.

  • Accelerated innovation and time to market.

    Faster time to market

    Application modernisation means you spend less time and resource on maintaining apps and infrastructure and more time innovating. Cloud-based tools and services streamline the development process, resulting in faster time to market.

  • Security and reliability.

    Safeguard your workloads

    With a cloud-based application, businesses can harness automatic updating and built-in security capabilities like disaster recovery, backups and performance monitoring safeguard workloads.

  • Compatibility and agility.


    By modernising apps, they won’t just work with existing technology, but will continue working as technology evolves. This allows for faster updates and changes to meet future business needs, and with tools like automatic scaling, apps can continue to work even if there is a sudden rise in demand and then return to save costs.

  • Efficiency.

    Improve your ways of working

    Modernising existing apps can sometimes be simpler than developing new ones from scratch, as long as it’s done carefully. Instead of investing time and resources into something new, businesses can buid on their previous investments and ways of working.

Why choose BCN for application modernisation services?

Our team of developers are excited to unlock your business’s potential through our bespoke modernisation services. For over 20 years, we have developed and modernised our customers’ software solutions to solve challenges, accelerate innovation, and build competitive advantage.

Applying our development product methodologies, our teams bridge the gap between the digital and physical experience of our end-users. Find out more about how our teams approach our customer projects by following the link below.

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