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Advanced Media for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Import, attach and edit different types of media files to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central records.


The Advanced Media application from BCN introduces an unlimited number of media attachments to your Business Central data.

Bonded Inventory

When One Picture Just Isn’t Enough

Many Dynamics 365 Business Central users need to hold multiple types of media files against their records, but out of the box there is only provision for 1 picture.

Advanced Media

The Benefits

Enhance internal functional and operational efficiencies of media management.

  • Media Carousel

    Our media carousel gives you the opportunity to quickly preview the different media types you have imported against a record by scrolling through them. With a quick and simple add button, it’s easy to import new ones.


  • Media Gallery

    View your media in the media gallery to get an overview of the different images and videos you have imported. Sort the media how you like by dragging the thumbnails around.


  • Drag & Drop Import

    Import multiple images in one go by simply dragging and dropping them into the media gallery.

  • Capture & Categories

    Capture additional data about your media such as a description and categorise them for use elsewhere in Business Central.


  • Built-in Image Editor

    With tools such as crop, scale, and rotate, you can use our built-in image editor to format your media exactly how you want it. Add text, call outs and stamps when you want to create a “special offer” image.


  • But It’s Using Too Much Database Space!

    Media files take up a lot of your precious Business Central database space, but never fear! We have a series of connectors that allow you to store your images outside of your database in services such as Azure BLOB Storage or Dropbox. When using additional connectors, only low quality thumbnails are stored in your Business Central database.

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