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ECB Currency Exchange Rates for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Optimise your time by downloading the official exchange rates from the European Central Bank.


Why Choose the ECB Currency Exchange Rates Application

ECB Currency Exchange Rates

Does your business depend on access to official European Central Bank (ECB) exchange rates?

The ECB Currency Exchange Rates application from BCN gives finance teams full and easy access to currency rate history, enabling your organisation to transact business worldwide easily and efficiently.

Utilising core data from the ECB turns siloed information often manually keyed into a seamless feed of currency rates to make light work of delivering full currency rate history information with ease accuracy and speed at the heart of the process. Remove the time taken and the barriers to doing business worldwide.

ECB Currency Exchange Rates

The Benefits

Enhance financial operations by improving internal efficiency which ultimately delivers increased customer excellence. Exporting your payment information directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central saves double keying of crucial business data, avoiding errors and saving your users’ time.

  • Drive Efficiency

    Easy and faster access to official ECB date driven currency history.

  • Increase Accuracy

    Reduce user processing errors with integrated functionality providing direct access to ECB rates history.

  • Trade Worldwide with Ease

    Enable transactional business worldwide easily and efficiently.

  • Efficient Global Customer Interactions

    Make light work of worldwide customer interactions – the ECB picks up the British pound sterling (GBP) from the general ledger to setup the local currency code so you can access the right rates.

  • Unlock Comprehensive Currency Rate History

    Gain full and easy access to currency rate history, which uses the work date to get the rates and to populate the Currency rates tables for the recognised currencies (required to be the 3 Chars ISO).

  • Increased Customer Excellence

    Enhanced financial operational efficiency helps deliver increased customer excellence.

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