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Item Web Categories for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Unlimited hierarchical categorisation of your data for analysis and synchronisation with your website and sales portals.


Easily manage multiple web categorisations of your items for analysis or synching with your website.

Item Web Categories

Does your business use sales portals to display information from your Dynamics 365 Business Central system?

The Web Categories application from BCN is ideal for Dynamics 365 Business Central users that synchronise Business Central item data with 3rd party applications such as websites or tablet-based sales solutions.

Item Web categories

Unlimited hierarchical categorisation of your data.

Configure unlimited, multi-level categorisation hierarchy structures directly within the Business Central client. Items can then be added, individually or in bulk, to multiple categories within the structures that have been defined.

  • Quick and easy to setup

    The simple user interface makes it quick and easy to create your multi-level hierarchical category tree.

  • Unlimited categorisation

    Items can be attached to any number of categories, with Business Central automatically linking selections to parent categories.

  • Extract the data

    Data can be extracted as required using the built in API Page, Excel export or using standard Business Central functionality such as configuration packages.

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